Re: Alternatives for massive PDF collection

2007-04-13 Thread H Bartel
On 11.04.2007 17:17 Uhr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just started using Yojimbo and organizing my PDFs is just one of the main reasons I bought the programm. Reading about the need to switch to another application for massive PDF collections, does not please me. My question is, what sizes are we

Pipe Mail to Yojimbo V 17

2007-04-13 Thread Steven Samuels
There are two main reasons for this revision: * To alert users that text will not import for some rich text messages with attachments. In these cases, AppleScript's content of message operator returns only variants of ??. The suggested work- around is to forward the message to yourself

Re: Key Missing Features

2007-04-13 Thread Patrick Woolsey
Daniel Lord [EMAIL PROTECTED] sez: [...] 1. Full Synchornization: when I sync Yojimbo between my laptop and desktop, only data is synchronized. My tags and collections are not-- Yojimbo's syncing does encompass the properties of all items you've stored including comments, labels, tags and

Re: Refresh / Update / Reload Web Archive

2007-04-13 Thread Jon Baer
Ive also asked for this and got nothing either so I thought doing via Ruby / OSA would do the trick but ended up w/ a corrupt record in SQLite. +1 for this feature. - Jon On Apr 13, 2007, at 6:59 PM, Patrick Gilmour wrote: Boo Hoo. No one got a reply for me? Sniff. On Apr 11, 2007, at

Re: Refresh / Update / Reload Web Archive

2007-04-13 Thread Patrick Woolsey
Patrick Gilmour [EMAIL PROTECTED] sez: Boo Hoo. No one got a reply for me? Sniff. Sorry, the reply delivery truck got delayed by yesterday's slush storm and just showed up @ the loading dock this evening... :-) On Apr 11, 2007, at 11:47 AM, Patrick Gilmour wrote: I have several online