Re: Yojimbo Backup quick pick

2007-12-21 Thread Andrew Janjigian
Since syncing is currently DOA for me, with no ETA on a fix, I'd like to be sure that the one intact YJ library I have is backed up regularly. Does any one know if the Apple Backup quick pick for YJ items functions as advertised? I only now noticed it was in there. Is it added by Yojimbo itself?

Save Ad Free Web Pages to Yojimbo Highlight and Markup Pages to Save to Yojimbo

2007-12-21 Thread Kenneth Kirksey
- WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT? - A little Christmas present for the Yojimbo community. Read on if you want to learn how to: 1) Save ad free web pages to a Yojimbo

Re: Scrapping Synced libraries and starting over?

2007-12-21 Thread TjL
On 12/21/07, Rob Pluta [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Agreed that it's not a Yojimbo issue per se. The issue is a Sync Services issue and Apple needs to get this right. Wait, let me call Steve now:-) You think you have problems with .mac? Try syncing a BlackBerry... Yes, I tried syncing a Palm for