Re: Change Tag names?

2007-03-08 Thread Bill Rowe
On 3/8/07 at 8:12 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Harvey S. Leff) wrote: Jim Correia wrote: Tag names are currently immutable. I just joined the list and have not seen prior messages on this, so maybe the following misses the mark. But . . . I seem to have just changed tag names. I sorted by tag,

Re: Bookmarks and Encryption of S/Ns Passwords

2007-03-10 Thread Bill Rowe
On 3/9/07 at 4:47 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jeff Rogers) wrote: 2) Why is there no encryption button for S/Ns or Passwords? I'd like to make sure these items are protected. Why encrypt serial numbers? Programs that require serial numbers to be entered to access all of there feature almost

Re: User-Created Smart Collections?

2007-06-12 Thread Bill Rowe
On 6/12/07 at 6:48 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Conrad Albrecht-Buehler) wrote: I'm fairly new to Yojimbo, but I've read through the FAQ and I've searched the mailing list archives and couldn't find mention of this: Can users create their Smart Collections based on other search criteria? Tag

Re: Yojimbo news?

2007-09-27 Thread Bill Rowe
On 9/26/07 at 8:45 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (John Cradock) wrote: This list has gotten pretty quiet lately, and there's been no news about Yojimbo recently either. Can anyone reveal whether there's an update on the horizon anytime in the near future? Many potential features have been discussed

Re: no. of files associated with each tag

2007-12-14 Thread Bill Rowe
On 12/12/07 at 12:25 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (McGonegal Robert) wrote: On 11-Dec-07, at 6:54 AM, Michael Young wrote: Feature proposal: Could Yojimbo list the number of files associated with each tag in Yojimbo Preferences Tags? That way I coul see if I have dead tags (with no files

Re: no. of files associated with each tag

2007-12-15 Thread Bill Rowe
On 12/15/07 at 10:30 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jan Pieter Kunst) wrote: 2007/12/15, Bill Rowe [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Perhaps I am missing something here. But I don't see a way to look for tags I am not using without being able to see what files the tag is attached to. How are do you determine a tag

Re: Boolean searches solved with Spotlight in OS X 10.5.2?

2008-02-21 Thread Bill Rowe
On 2/21/08 at 9:10 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Allan J. Tsai) wrote: There have been a couple of archived messages requesting boolean operators in the Yojimbo search. Has this facility changed at all with 10.5.2? If the Yojimbo search used Spotlight technology, maybe it allows boolean searches now?

Re: More about how I use Yojimbo

2008-05-06 Thread Bill Rowe
On 5/6/08 at 5:26 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: (The reason David Allen recommends a simple A-to-Z filing system as part of the GTD method, it seems to me, is less about ease of retrieval and more about ease of filing. For me, this is where Yojimbo excels. With the current model, I don't need