Re: On Yojimbo and Time Machine

2008-02-18 Thread Dennis
. Perhaps there are tradeoffs having to do with record encryption or .Mac sync. Would we be willing to sacrifice those features for individual file storage? -Dennis -- -- This message is sent to you because you are subscribed

Re: Keyboard command for bullet points?

2008-04-30 Thread Dennis
. By default, a hyphen character is used as the bullet point, but this can be changed by selecting the list and choosing a different bullet style from the formatting ruler. Hope this helps. -Dennis -- -- This message is sent to you

Re: Automatically Open PDFs In Other Applications

2008-05-01 Thread Dennis
- Keyboard Mouse - Keyboard Shortcuts. Just hit the little plus (+) button at the bottom to add a new keyboard shortcut, specify Yojimbo, and add the exact name of them menu command you want. Hope this helps. -Dennis

Re: The Real Issue With Nested Folders and Multiple Databases.

2008-05-02 Thread Dennis
for the job. For random data collection and storage in Yojimbo, tagging works nicely. -Dennis PS - The idea of tagging being a high-level cognitive function is similar to Tog's research on mouse vs. keyboard. Read more at:

Re: Almost happy with Yojimbo the way it is

2008-05-02 Thread Dennis
. -Dennis -- -- This message is sent to you because you are subscribed to the mailing list To unsubscribe, send mail to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] List archives: Have

Re: Thanks for pointers to OmniFocus, Eagle Filer

2008-05-07 Thread Dennis
that OmniFocus can, indeed, export as plain text using the TaskPaper format. It also prints nicely to PDF, which is then easily mailed to yourself as a read-only reference from an iPhone. I suppose the same could be done with select Yojimbo items. -Dennis

Re: Folders/Tag-collections

2007-05-24 Thread Dennis Rande
and do minimal organizing with tags. Although, I'm anxiously looking forward to improved content search and user-defined smart folders. I really have no interest in hierarchical folders or doing that kind of sorting/organization. Dennis