Just won?t work for me

2007-05-11 Thread Don Truett
an idea why they won’t update, let alone sync? I tried trashing Yojimbo and redownloading, but no change. Don Truett [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Goodbye to Yojimbo

2007-05-14 Thread Don Truett
reputation. I’m a fairly technically proficient user, so I’m not missing something obvious. As my trial runs out in a week, I guess I’m outa here. Don Truett [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Goodbye

2007-05-14 Thread Don Truett
Patrick, thanks for the reply. I'm sure you folks are busy. I have put in so many hours trying to solve this (a bit OCD) beyond what I would normally do, just because I feel compelled to get to the bottom of this. Also, as I have about a week left on my trial, there is some urgency. If