Re: Script to pipe multiple Mail messages to Yojimbo with date, names,tags

2007-04-08 Thread J. Stewart
On 4/8/07 at 4:50 PM, Sherman Wilcox [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: Ah, yes, iKey. I also use QuicKeys, which can run a script, but it's a more expensive solution than all of these others. I'd bet there's some fancy way to do this with Quicksilver too (but who can figure it out?). FYI, as

Re: Alternatives for massive PDF collection

2007-04-11 Thread J. Stewart
On 4/10/07 at 9:26 PM, Bruce Garlock [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: I just need the tagging features, and some kind of searching features, so I can quickly find the correct document. Check out TagBot Looks like it's exactly what you need. JBS -- Some

Re: formatting

2007-05-28 Thread J. Stewart
On 5/27/07 at 8:18 AM, Peter Hughes [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: One thing drives me mad, and I am sure there is a simple solution, but I cannot work it out. If I already have an item and I add something to it, or edit it in any way, the next time I check it has been changed from .txt

Re: Yojimbo URLs in Address Book

2007-07-14 Thread J. Stewart
On 7/14/07 at 5:05 AM, Jan Erik Moström [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: I tried to insert a Yojimbo URL in the Address Book but when I click on it then Address Book tries to open the URL in my web browser. I assume it's Address Book that does something strange, does anyone know if it can be

Re: where's the applescript library?

2007-08-14 Thread J. Stewart
On 8/14/07 at 7:29 PM, Scot Nery [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: I can't find the yojimbo applescript documentation anywhere. I'm on the demo version and it's frustrating already. Try dropping Yojimbo's application icon onto Script Editor's application icon. JBS -- Whenever you find that

Re: selected items whose class is bookmark item

2007-09-21 Thread J. Stewart
On 9/20/07 at 5:56 PM, Jim DeVona [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: Is it possible to use a whose clause to get only items of a certain type from a list of Yojimbo database items? Here is an example intended to get any selected bookmark items: ... This works for me. -- Cut -- tell

Re: Yojimbo and Spaces

2007-11-26 Thread J. Stewart
On 11/26/07 at 4:27 PM, Jan Erik Moström [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: the Drop Dock in my main space? This should work already. The drop dock is visible everywhere. Not on my machines (2) when using Spaces. It only shows in Space 1 though I can view Yojimbo notes in any space. JBS --

Re: Feature clarification - capture URL

2008-03-09 Thread J. Stewart
On 3/8/08 at 12:22 AM, Jim DeVona [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: --Also, sometimes the title is blank even when it the document has a title tell application Safari activate set theURL to URL of document 1 set theName to do JavaScript document.title in document 1