Re: Folders/Tag-collections and workflows

2007-05-26 Thread Jason Davies
I've cracked it. I read academic articles in Acrobat (and mark them up with annotations). Then I load them into Yojimbo, tagged lightly. Then I get the 'link item' from Edit menu (stroke of genius) and drop that into BibDesk or Voodoopad for more organised retrieval. That way I get the best

Re: Leopard Compatibility

2007-09-28 Thread Jason Davies
I'm not a developer and don't know anything about BB behind the scenes, but I would be completely shocked if a product as mainstream as Yojimbo wasn't ready for Leopard, especially given the extra time that it's taken for Leopard to get here. these are the people who got the first OS X-native

Re: Two Yojimbo feature requests:

2008-02-26 Thread Jason Davies
2. Yojimbo badly needs some sort of tag-management, but at the very least, would it be possible for you to automatically erase a tag that doesn't have any references. There are many tags sitting in the database that don't have any references, those should automatically be removed. um, so what