Re: moving the Yojimbo database

2007-06-14 Thread John Chandler
Thanks...that just occurred to me as I was laying in bed this morning that I hadn't done that. Worked great. On 6/13/07, Sebastian Stark [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 13.06.2007, at 12:24, Sebastian Stark wrote: Can someone point me in the right direction? Did you change the permissions of

yojimbo mailtags

2007-10-04 Thread John Chandler
I'm curious if anyone has seen any potential for an integration between mailtags and yojimbo. Mailtags is able to send a task to iGTD complete with tags, etc. Likewise, I would love it if I could enter tags and a title in MailTags notes, hit F8, and automatically have the content of that email