2007-05-05 Thread Lofty Becker
Every time I change something in Yojimbo, I get a message a few minutes later that inconsistencies have been detected and fixed, and the next sync will take a little longer than usual. No huge problem, but I've done 5-10 syncs since the message started showing up and it still keeps

Yojimbo crashing on Leopard

2007-11-13 Thread Lofty Becker
I've just switched to Leopard and am having a major problem with Yojimbo, version 1.4.2(46). Whenever I try to decrypt an item, or indeed do anything involving a password, it dies like a dog without notice. I tried trashing the Yojimbo preferences and rebooting, no help. Happens when I

Feature suggestion

2008-04-04 Thread Lofty Becker
If I'm showing the main Yojimbo list window, I frequenlty double-click on an item to view it in a separate window. If the item is encrypted, I have to go through more clicks: first, a new window opens with the item, of course, still hidden. I have to click the view button to see it. Then

Re: Missing drop dock, hot keys

2008-06-05 Thread Lofty Becker
: On Jun 3, 2008, at 7:28 AM, Lofty Becker wrote: One of my copies of Yojimbo has stopped displaying the dock, and the hot keys don’t work. Going to Preferences I see the dock is supposed to display. The hot keys are blank, and can’t be restored by clicking “restore defaults” I have