2007-05-05 Thread Ross Winn
I was browsing the faq and using google, but I can't seem to find a bookmarklet repository. I used to have some, but they disappeared. Any help would be appreciated, Ross Winn Freelance Geek -- -- This message is sent to you

Dates created and modified

2007-05-07 Thread Ross Winn
Can I chime in too? Maybe only allowing the creation date to be modified. I don't know, but it is an interesting question. What really pisses me off is that the creation and mod dates aren't supported for backup and restore. When I expert all of my items, since Yojimbo has no convenient

Mark/Space Notes Sync Error

2007-08-01 Thread Ross Winn
When my Motorola Q syncs the system log repeats this for fifteen to twenty minutes and then just stops. Any ideas? 8/1/07 12:41:28 MSUI: Mark/Space Notes: setStatusString string=Beginning session with Sync Services. MotoQ, MacBook Pro, OSX 10.4.10 --

Mark/Space Notes Sync Error

2007-08-02 Thread Ross Winn
Isn't that a Mark/Space software issue? Yes it is, sorry, wrong list. -- -- This message is sent to you because you are subscribed to the mailing list To unsubscribe, send mail to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Leopard Compatibility

2007-09-28 Thread Ross Winn
While I understand that General discussion about new releases is limited by various agreements, however my question is about the current version. Has Yojimbo been extensively tested with the various Leopard builds, and does BB anticipate the need for a maintenance release? --

Yojimbo on Windows?

2007-11-03 Thread Ross Winn
I jump back and forth between several computers in my usual day. There are times I want to snip or save something on my PC the same way I do in Yojimbo. Are there any windows apps the have similar basic features to Yojimbo? -- --