Re: [Zaurus-devel] 2.6.34-rc3 vs zaurus spitz: mistery solved

2010-04-17 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! For some reason, spitz will hang very early in boot with SLUB. With SLOB, it boots fine. Weird, just wondering for what specific reason. Pavel, could you possibly paste the failure log if possible? Investigating... So far it seems that either it was fixed in -rc4 or that

[Zaurus-devel] usb gadget on zaurus and kexec

2010-05-19 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! After some testing I found out that no usb gadget (g_ether, g_mass_storage, ...) is working after zaurus boots with kexec. So it seems like some missing initalization (it's working after doing reboot again) anybody has any clue, patch or ideas how to debug this? -- Cyril Hrubis

[Zaurus-devel] zaurus pata_pcmcia corrupted filesystem

2010-08-11 Thread Cyril Hrubis
ENOENT. Extracting to SD card seems to work without any problems. Anybody has idea what went wrong? -- Cyril Hrubis ___ Zaurus-devel mailing list

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus pata_pcmcia corrupted filesystem

2010-08-14 Thread Cyril Hrubis
-new to *.h, this works rather good with old driver. -- Cyril Hrubis ___ Zaurus-devel mailing list

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus pata_pcmcia corrupted filesystem

2010-08-14 Thread Cyril Hrubis
PCMCIA. ... At least it's your tree that I've been testing ;). -- Cyril Hrubis ___ Zaurus-devel mailing list

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus pata_pcmcia corrupted filesystem

2010-08-21 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! These seems to be different, at least it newer occured so often to me. Now installing debian packages often fails because it cannot remove temporary files, the filesystem worked reasonably good before. The usecase is to unpack archive with a lot rather small files somewhere

Re: [Zaurus-devel] reboot/kexec in 2.6.38

2011-03-17 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! I got report that  reboot/kexec does not work in recent kernels. I tried both kexec and reboot in 2.6.38, and it worked ok. Maybe config issue? I think it's config issue. Never heard of this. I've seen that on my zaurus a month or two ago. When kexeced to pxa-linux-2.6 then tried

[Zaurus-devel] WARNING: at mm/page_alloc.c

2011-04-04 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! I'm playing with uinput on zaurus (spitz) I've a pxa-2.6 kernel flashed in the uinput is loaded as module. Right after my program called: ioctl(fd, UI_DEV_CREATE); I've got: WARNING: at mm/page_alloc.c:2012 __alloc_pages_nodemask+0148/0x5a8() and the ioctl() has failed. Anybody has an

Re: [Zaurus-devel] 2.6.39-rc2 on zaurus: does not build, does not boot

2011-04-08 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! Boot stops just after mounting root filesystem; cursor stops flashing. (Any idea what goes on there?) With CF bluetooth unplugged, it gets up to userland. Once it hung in eaarly boot, once early in runlevel 2. Hmm, the cf seems to be crippled a little. I've got oops in pccard, but

[Zaurus-devel] zaurus: mmcblk0: error -110

2011-04-12 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! When I insert the mmc card to zaurus, it gets properly detected and prints some info into console. Mounting reading/writing files works fine. However when the card is removed (doesn't need to be mounted before), the removal is most likely not detected, so when I insert it again, no info is

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus: mmcblk0: error -110

2011-04-12 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! Which model do you have? And check the corresponding board file if card detect GPIO handling is doing right. I've got spitz (SL-3200). So I suppose the board file is arch/arm/mach-pxa/spitz.c, I'll have a look. -- metan ___ Zaurus-devel

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus: mmcblk0: error -110

2011-04-12 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! Your symptoms match the bug that was fixed by: bad3babace2ee4d (mmc: fix CONFIG_MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME regression) but this fix made it into 2.6.38, so if you're using 2.6.38 final then you shouldn't be seeing this. Could you confirm that you have this patch? It seems that the

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus: mmcblk0: error -110

2011-04-12 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! Tried 2.6.39-rc3 both with and without CONFIG_MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME and the insert/remove detection works but both with and without unsafe resume, if the card is removed for more than second or two it fails to recognize the card after insertion failing with: mmc0: error -95 whilst

Re: [Zaurus-devel] Zaurus CF tests -- ok

2011-04-15 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! After getting _good_ power supply, I was able to untar and rm ltp tree 100 times so far. 2.6.38, ext3. (So metan no, I do not see any weird ext3 problems). Hmm, I'm using original adapter, but who knows if it's okay to use... Another strange thing is... I see lots of duplicated

Re: [Zaurus-devel] Zaurus CF tests -- ok

2011-05-15 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! Backtrace from QEMU ... I think this is what Cyril observed. But heck, it happens in QEMU too ;-) Yes, that is pretty much it. It happens randomly, eg. adding printk() line into kernel code (somewhere in mmc stack). Or sometimes crashes in the pccard initalization when two cards are

[Zaurus-devel] zaurus 3.0-rc1 Oops (fail GFP_DMA allocations when ZONE_DMA is not configured)

2011-06-01 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! The 3.0-rc1 no longer boots on spitz see the attached Oops. The bisecting pointed to this commit, reverting it machine boots again. commit a197b59ae6e8bee56fcef37ea2482dc08414e2ac Author: David Rientjes Date: Tue May 24 17:12:35 2011 -0700 mm: fail GFP_DMA

Re: [Zaurus-devel] Disable CF during suspend

2011-06-06 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! Disable SPITZ_SCP_CF_POWER during suspend. Otherwise it eats battery, fast. Thanks to Stanislav Brabec. Signed-off-by: Pavel Machek Works on the top of the 3.0-rc2 on my spitz. Acked-by: Cyril Hrubis -- metan

Re: [Zaurus-devel] zaurus patches -- arm/pxa -- is Eric alive

2011-07-11 Thread Cyril Hrubis
Hi! There are some rather critical patches for zaurus C-3000 (spitz) available... with no response. What is going on? Eric seems alive. At least he've sent pull requests few days ago. Maybe you can point to those patches, that you mention as critical? Perhaps the most