Re: [Zaurus-devel] Booting LZMA kernel

2010-01-28 Thread Andrea Adami
Update: Moreover, 2.6.33-rc5 refuses to boot from nand, with or without patch. Seems a regression from -rc4. See: Uncompressing broken with commit e7db7b4270 So, no point of adding LZMA if infrastructure is still

[Zaurus-devel] Booting LZMA kernel

2010-01-24 Thread Andrea Adami
Hello, still unable to boot lzma-compressed kernel. Same kernel boots from kexec: 2.6.33-rc5 using the patches : ARM-Add-support-for-LZMA-compressed-kernel-images.patch;patch=1;status=pending ${RPSRC}/pxa-linking-bug-r1.patch Any hint is appreciated :) Regards