Re: [Zen] Danish Cartoons, Politics, Malkin, etc.

2006-02-09 Thread Vampy
I think that the Politics issue is about to turn ugly here. There is a saying that opinions are like a**holes, and everyone has one. Unfortunately when we get so passionate about a topic that we start dropping the A-bombs then the F-bombs are probably not far behind (no pun ...). We all have

Re: [Zen] Danish Cartoons

2006-02-09 Thread Vampy
From: agentkjj005 Again, how do such practices prove someone is an idiot? I did not say Malkin is an idiot. Conniving, Machiavellian, cynical, heartless, soul-less, grasping, maybe. Idiot? I did not say that. Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Join

[Zen] OT: Malkin Name Calling

2006-02-09 Thread agentkjj005
--- In, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The inability to put together a logical statement makes her an idiot. Malkin is a nationally sydicated columnist and a published author. You don't like her statements, but she has some ability to make logical statements. Calling

[Zen] No Mo Malkin or Name Calling

2006-02-09 Thread Vampy
NO MO, no mo, no mo. or in Spanish NO MAS! no mas, por favor! Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Join modern day disciples reach the disfigured and poor with hope and healing