Re: [Zim-wiki] Win32: popup cmd windows; ditaa plugin; toolbar icons

2012-10-22 Thread Jaap Karssenberg
On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 11:22 PM, klo uo wrote: Hi, I use latest portable version on Windows XP and would appreciate if I could get help on some of my questions: 1. plugin commands (insert equation, insert dot graph, etc) open popup cmd windows when executed which I think

Re: [Zim-wiki] Directly adding files and sub-directories and re-indexing

2012-10-22 Thread Jose Lourenco
Hi, Thanks for your suggestions. They are interesting and helpful, namely the one regarding separating larger files from Zim pages. If you could read my reply to Jaap's, I noted why using my kind of workflow and extensive data gathering I can't/wouldn't make notes for every single or group of

[Zim-wiki] CLI?

2012-10-22 Thread John Geoffrey
Hello, I am using Zim quite extensively and I was wondering if anyone ever had thought about creating a CLI interface for it? I sometimes use rather old systems and prefer to do away with most of the graphical interfaces (it works quite well actually), but I was wondering if it would be possible

Re: [Zim-wiki] CLI?

2012-10-22 Thread smu
Dear John, It not exactly a CLI, but I once though it should be possible to adapt the vimwiki [1] plugin to the syntax used by zim. With that it would be possible to edit zim source files and follow links in zim pages. Unfortunately I do not have the time to start with this... cheers, stefan

Re: [Zim-wiki] Win32: popup cmd windows; ditaa plugin; toolbar icons

2012-10-22 Thread klo uo
OK, thanks for confirmation My main concern is 1st question, but then I guess I'll have to reconsider downloading source package ditaa was something I discovered through Zim, and thought to try it, maybe could be handy. Could use it as custom tool, but Zim integrated latex (miktex) and graphviz

[Zim-wiki] Win32: GUI with native controls?

2012-10-22 Thread klo uo
Hello again :) I installed build requirement (all-in-one PyGTK package), downloaded Zim source and executed Zim w/o python install It works fine, and because it's executed from CLI it doesn't spawn cmd windows on latex or diagram insertions, so I don't even have to look in the code And