Re: [Zim-wiki] Shrink images

2014-08-20 Thread snarf
If you right-click on the image and select Properties, you can change the rendering size. I do this all the time and it works for me. To smallerize the image itself (use less bytes) you need to use an external image editor. On Wed, Aug 20, 2014, at 14:30, Syv Ritch wrote: Hi, I use Zim 0.61

[Zim-wiki] Source View plugin locks up page view frame on Linux Mint 17.1 XFCE

2015-08-09 Thread snarf
Source View plugin isn't working for me. I'm using Linux Mint 17.1 XFCE with Zim 0.63. To reproduce the problem I enabled the Source View plugin and created an empty notebook in ~/Temp/zim-test . I placed this on the home page (not indented): {{{code: lang=c linenumbers=True /* This is a

[Zim-wiki] Slashdot thread: "Open Tools For Logbooks and Note-taking?"

2015-10-26 Thread snarf
There's an "Ask Slashdot" thread today about note taking software. So far there's one reply endorsing Zim. Anyone with a Slashdot account who knows how their crazy moderation system works want to join in and upvote that comment or add your own?

[Zim-wiki] workaround for clipboard breaking in Windows with Zim and VirtualBox

2016-06-02 Thread snarf
For years, I've had a problem I couldn't diagnose any further on all my Windows machines: If a VirtualBox VM is running, and Zim for Windows is running, sometimes -- often -- Zim suddenly can't write to the clipboard and also separately the VirtualBox daemon in the guest OS can't read from the

[Zim-wiki] Create Hyperlinks to Outlook Messages in Zim (solution)

2016-02-11 Thread snarf
I wanted to create hyperlinks to messages in my Outlook database for my company email account, in Zim. I ran into a few difficulties: 1. Microsoft Outlook responds to an `outlook:` URI scheme, but this scheme is not installed into the Windows desktop shell by default. 2. Zim does not recognize

[Zim-wiki] Fuzzy/blurry text in Zim in Windows -- workaround

2016-01-20 Thread snarf
Does Zim look fuzzy to you in Windows 8, 8.1, or 10? I found and wrote up a fix: Not sure if I can fix this directly in Zim because it depends on GTK which I'm not about to try to fix.

[Zim-wiki] Is Zim Desktop Wiki Dead? -- problems with Zim's web presence

2016-03-14 Thread snarf
In the Zim chat room I had two people wander in independent of each other and ask if the project was dead, in the past 12 hours. There are some problems with Zim's web presence: * How do you find release dates, starting from[1] ? * You have to click on Contribute, then

Re: [Zim-wiki] ZIM Portable & Boxcutter

2017-06-20 Thread snarf
Markus, boxcutter needs to be in a folder that's listed in the PATH environment variable ( ). If you don't have a Utils folder for loose executables like that, create one somewhere and add it to $PATH (

[Zim-wiki] Clipboard still broken in Windows in rc2

2017-06-17 Thread snarf
Nope! Clipboard is NOT fixed. I was able to repeat the problem just now. Most of the time, copy succeeds. Sometimes, no TEXT value is copied to the clipboard. I am certain this isn't the fault of my Windows build process. If I can come up with steps to reproduce, I will add it here later today.

[Zim-wiki] Zim 0.62-rc2-win2 Windows build published

2017-06-17 Thread snarf
Backup your stuff before trying this. * Fixed breakage I caused in 0.67-rc2 release, where starting child processes (Edit Source, etc.) and decoding SVG files failed. * I think the clipboard may be working now. Let me know if Ctrl-C ever does nothing for you. * Re-instated Portable installer

[Zim-wiki] Zim 0.62-rc2 Windows build published; lots of Windows build process cleanup done; more to be done

2017-06-12 Thread snarf
Hi all, Over the last couple of weeks, I fixed a number of issues with the Windows build process for Zim. I'd been itching to upgrade on my Windows machine I use for my job, so I decided it was time to release a packaged build. I noticed that Jaap created a 0.67-rc2 tag less than a day ago. I

Re: [Zim-wiki] Zim release 0.68 rc 1

2018-01-09 Thread snarf
Thanks Jaap! Updating for Windows... Sorry I can't do a Windows build until at least this weekend. In the mean time, if you want to try it I strongly recommend using Cygwin to run Zim from source. It doesn't have the same failures with the clipboard as GTK2 for Windows does.

[Zim-wiki] Zim Desktop Wiki 0.68-rc1 for packaged and published for Windows

2018-02-11 Thread snarf
I've updated my Windows Zim build VM and produced packages for Windows, for Zim Desktop Wiki 0.68-rc1. Current Windows releases: RSS feed for Windows Zim updates: for Windows 0.68-rc1 *Desktop* installer: