[ Zionist-Info ] Opportunity: National Jewish Leadship Conference in Pittsburgh

2003-02-23 Thread Jacques Katz
Hi Folks, This is from Sarah Gross, who also wanted me to let you know about the Jewish-Israeli film festival. The film festival info can be found at www.pjiff.net. The opening (2/27), which includes dessert and kosher wine, will be $15 for students. Jacques -- National Jewish

[ Zionist-Info ] Our peace partners

2003-02-25 Thread Jacques Katz
Hi Folks, If anyone can get ahold of this videotape, please let me know. Thanks to Shmuel for this update. Jacques - -- Forwarded Message -- Date: Sunday, February 23, 2003 9:48 AM +0200 From: Women in Green [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Our

[ Zionist-Info ] Holland bans Kosher slaughtering of animals

2003-03-05 Thread Jacques Katz
- The government of Holland has banned kosher slaughter, becoming the sixth European country to do so. The local Agriculture Ministry informed Jewish community leaders there that they would no longer be permitted to slaughter cows in a kosher manner [shechitah] because of its cruelty

[ Zionist-Info ] anti-war against Iraq and anti-semitism

2003-03-07 Thread Jacques Katz
From WorldNetDaily: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=31394 -- College peace protest turns violent Anti-war demonstrators allegedly attack Jewish students

[ Zionist-Info ] Our emails DO make a difference

2003-03-10 Thread Jacques Katz
-- Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 19:17:54 -0600 From: Ira Glass [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Jacques Katz [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Fwd: Withdrawal of support Dear Jacque Katz, Thanks for the email. I could quibble over facts (my research shows the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

[ Zionist-Info ] Urgent TODAY - please call!

2003-03-11 Thread Jacques Katz
Thanks to Yaron for this one. We need to support Israel here in a huge way. As you saw from my email to This American Life, your call CAN make a difference. Call. Also, information on useful film resource archives at the bottom. Jacques --- TAKE 5 and Make a Difference! This URGENT

[ Zionist-Info ] Support emails: Aid to Israel

2003-03-11 Thread Jacques Katz
Folks, I have now called the whitehouse comment line at 202-456- . I was on hold for ~4 minutes, then spoke to a person with my comments on Israel. I have also sent the email below to: - President Bush ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) - Vice President Cheney ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) - Pennsylvania Senator

[ Zionist-Info ] French arming Iraq?

2003-03-15 Thread Jacques Katz
Safire: French Aiding Saddam New York Times columnist William Safire reveals that the French have been secretly aiding Iraq in its arms production of long-range missiles -- missiles that may be used to hit U.S. troops with biological and chemical agents. Saddam Hussein went to France, by way of

[ Zionist-Info ] Two talks

2003-03-18 Thread Jacques Katz
Israeli Settlements: Implications for Peace When: Wednesday, Mar. 19th. At 8.00 P.M Where: Room 1K56, Posvar Hall, University of Pittsburgh This is sponsored by the Middle East Forum of Pittsburgh and the Thomas Merton Center. If you have any confusion about the Middle East Forum being a

[ Zionist-Info ] Another talk

2003-03-18 Thread Jacques Katz
Hi Folks, An important part of what we do is to build strong relations with other groups. The Indian community is one such group. Israel and India have much in common. India suffers from militant Islamic terror attacks every day, and many Indians identify strongly with Israel's position. We

[ Zionist-Info ] Response needed

2003-03-19 Thread Jacques Katz
Hi Folks, The Zionist Seminar group are going to be in town next week, and I would like to invite them to come talk to members of the YZOA. I need to know your availability. They could come on Monday (March 24) or Tuesday (March 25) after 7. Let me know if you can make one or both of those

[ Zionist-Info ] Petition The Washington Post To Stop Anti-Israel Bias

2003-03-20 Thread Jacques Katz
Hi Folks, I encourage you to sign the petitiion on their website, and to send a letter to Bo Jones ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), the publisher of the Washington post. I have included the text from a sample letter that I will be sending at the very bottom of the email. As always, if you use it, don't

[ Zionist-Info ] Sobering Truths

2003-03-28 Thread Jacques Katz
Thanks to Leo for this one. Jacques - http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/comment-lerner032703.asp March 27, 2003 There Will Never be a Palestinian Democracy Facing reality. By Barbara Lerner Israel's Natan Sharansky is one of the intellectual godfathers of President Bush's

[ Zionist-Info ] Pittsburgh ZOA annual meeting invitation (TOMORROW)

2003-05-27 Thread Jacques Katz
All YZOA members in Pittsburgh are cordially invited to attend the ZOA annual meeting TOMORROW: Time: 8pm, Wednesday, April 28 (TOMORROW) Place: Squirrel Hill JCC, Levinson Hall Speakers include Morton Klein (National ZOA president), and Barie Weiss. Zionist-Info is a service of ZOA. Post

[ Zionist-Info ] The reality of terrorism

2003-06-26 Thread Jacques Katz
After a while, people start to think of terrorism as a political statement. Let us never forget what terrorism really means. I was in the Kotel tunnels when the 14 Eged bus was blown up. If you have a strong stomach, the pictures at the URL below give a view of what it really means when the