Update Commentary from ZNet

2003-07-24 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another ZNet free update for you. You can remove or add addresses for receiving the free updates at the ZNet top page, near the very top, via the link for updates. ZNet has had its usual quota of new pieces since the last update mailing, and perhaps a bit more. Essays from

Update Commentary from ZNet

2003-08-09 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is another ZNet Update. You can add or remove addresses at the ZNet top page (www.zmag.org/weluser.htm) link for that purpose. We have our usual quota of new materials online, as always, including essays from Ehrenreich, Glick, Stedile, Fisk, and many others... And for your reading

Update Commentary from ZNet

2003-08-30 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is another ZNet Update. As always, you can add or remove addresses via a link at the top page. This Update I mostly want to convey some information about viruses -- as we have been getting lots of queries. It will just take a minute. In general, we advise that you should avoid

ZNet Update / Prashad Book and Chomnsky Interview....

2003-09-04 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Another Free Update from ZNet. As usual, please note that you can add and remove addresses from the ZNet top page -- www.zmag.org/weluser.htm -- there are about 150,000 addresses now in the system. Every so often one of our regular writers completes a new book and we do a brief

ZNet Update An Essay From Norman Solomon

2003-09-07 Thread Michael Albert
Another ZNet update... To remove or add email addresses to the 150,000 that we now have on file for ZNet Free Updates, please visit the appropriate link on our top page at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm ZNet News: As always, we of course have numerous new articles online, even since just a couple

Update Shalom's 9/11 Two Years Later

2003-09-11 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, On 9/11, another ZNet Free Update for you, featuring Stephen Shlaom's essay on 9/11 two years later. To add, remove, or alter email addresses in our Update mailing list please visit the top page of ZNet (www.zmag.org) and use the link you will find there for the purpose. Some

ZNet Message...From Z and Chomsky, Shiva, Ali, George, Peters; Pilger, Brutus; Ainger, Kolhatkar, and Zinn

2003-09-23 Thread Michael Albert
you will like and benefit from this idea. Signed... The Z Staff: Michael Albert, Lydia Sargent, Eric Sargent, and Andy Dunn and, from among the 100 plus writers who will be involved Noam Chomsky, U.S. Susan George, France Tariq Ali, Brit Cynthia Peters, U.S. Dennis Brutus, So. Afr. Sonali

ZNet Update An Important Question and Answer Essay

2003-09-26 Thread Michael Albert
reactions to it. We hope you will read through it. Thank you very much... Michael Albert Q A About Z Daily 1. What exactly would Z Daily include? Z Daily would include up to 20 new articles each weekday, and on weekends some reviews, interviews, debates, and personal

ZNet Free Update Commentary from Sean Gonsalves

2003-10-07 Thread Michael Albert
the very prominent links on ZNet's top page - www.zmag.org/weluser.htm Thank you in advance for letting us know your views, Michael Albert For ZNet --- As you know, we send one commentary per night to all our regular donors in our Sustainer Program. As a sample, and to make the above proomotion

ZNet Update a new article from Noam Chomsky

2003-10-10 Thread Michael Albert
, our goal is 15,000 replies. Can you help us make that happen? Sincerely, Michael Albert === And now here is the promised article... Dominance and its Dilemmas* By Noam Chomsky The past year has been a momentous one in world affairs. In the normal rhythm, the pattern was set

ZNet Policy News and Podur Bolivia Q and A

2003-10-17 Thread Michael Albert
ZNet, Z Magazine, Z Daily, and other related Z media projects. The link to go to, again, is http://www.zmag.org/Commentaries/donorform.htm Michael Albert For ZNet And here, is the promised Q/A about events in Bolivia... Q/A on Bolivia By Justin Podur What is happening in Bolivia? A massive

ZNet Update Shalom Commentary -- The Philippine Model

2003-10-21 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a ZNet Free Update. As usual if you want to add or remove an address from our free update list you can do so at the ZNet Top page, in the upper left, which is at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm ZNet Free Updates are usually sent out to over 150,000 email addresses, three or four times

ZNet Free Update Commentary from Andre Vitcheck

2003-10-23 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a ZNet Free Update, sent daily, at the moment, to elicit attention for our Sustainer Program (http://www.zmag.org/welusersupport.htm). Please consider joining, and meanwhile enjoy the commentaries we will for a time send each day. Today's commentary, sent to Sustainers last night,

ZNet Update Chomsky Commentary

2003-10-31 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is still another of our Sustainer Commentaries -- this time from Noam Chomsky -- sent to Free Update recipients in hopes that you will take a look at the Sustainer Program as a way to support ZNet and Z Magazine and hopefully, the proposed Z Daily, as well. The Sustainer link is:

ZNet Update and Scahill report from Miami

2003-11-25 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another ZNet Free Update -- you can add and remove email addresses to the 155,000 on our list from the ZNet top page at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm There is much activity on the site, as usual. There are updates of sections...new articles, etc. Please visit. Mostly, though,

ZNet Holiday Greeting, Update Debate

2003-12-25 Thread Michael Albert
wanted to bring to your attention. Michael Albert of Z and Alex Clallinicos of the British SWP have engaged in an online debate which is now up in its entirety at http://www.zmag.org/calllinicosalbertdebate.htm They each have an opening statement, that appear below to close out this communique

ZNwr Update News, NewStandard, and War Commentary

2004-01-08 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another ZNet Update. You can remove or add addresses, as always, via ZNet's top page at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm This time I would like to tell you about a new project as well as send last night's ZNet Sustainer commentary on a remarkable historical moment in War's

Important Update News from ZNet

2004-01-31 Thread Michael Albert
, at this point in our update mailings we usually include an essay, to give substance to the message. Instead, please use the time you would have given to reading an essay to check out the above links. Thank You! Michael Albert

ZNet Update Albert on Mumbai WSF

2004-02-09 Thread Michael Albert
the recent WSF in Mumbai India... Mumbai, WSF, and Our Futures Michael Albert WSF 4 in Mumbai was a quite different experience than prior Porto Alegre WSFs. In many respects it was better organized. Women were far more visible, empowered, and empowering - often providing the most

Update Chalmers Johnson Interview from ZNet

2004-04-01 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another Free ZNet Update...if you wish to add or remove email addresses you can do so via the link at our top page which is www.zmag.org/weluser.htm We have been busy since our last update mailing. We have added blogging facilities to ZNet -- (personal sites that either point

Update Sklar Commentary from ZNet

2004-04-18 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Another ZNet Update for you -- and we are still having problems with Sustainer mailings, so this mailing is another of the nightly Sustainer Commentaries. --- Wealthy taxpayers bank on Bush Holly Sklar It would take 17 Donald Trumps to match the $43 billion net worth of investor guru

ZNet Update Book Info

2004-04-28 Thread Michael Albert
or the vaguest of imaginings that dissolve on close examination. Participatory economics -- Parecon -- has avoided both these dangers: it is a hard-headed, carefully thought-out proposal for far-reaching and fundamental change. In this volume, Michael Albert elaborates the model

ZNet Update and Article on Venezuela by Jonah Gindin

2004-09-03 Thread Michael Albert
to subscribers, and posted at the Z Magazine Online pages at http://zmagsite.zmag.org/curTOC.htm. This month's featured article is an interview Michael Albert conducts with Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, entitled Why Run?. It is available at http://zmagsite.zmag.org/Images/albert20904

Urgent Update from ZNet and Message from Chomsky

2004-09-27 Thread Michael Albert
commentaries, and access to our forums including Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert as frequent participants. We hope you will agree that ZNet, Z Magazine, Z Media Institute, and Z Video Productions are important components of the effort to win more just conditions throughout the world and that you

ZNet Update Pilger Commentary

2004-12-08 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another free ZNet Update...and remember, please, that you can remove or add addresses for receiving our updates at the ZNet top page (www.zmag.org/weluser.htm) at any time. We now have about 200,000 recipients. And please also note, we are going to begin sending these periodic

ZNet Update: Support The NewStandard

2004-12-09 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is Michael Albert sending you a special Update mailing. For about a year The NewStandard, TNS, (http://newstandardnews.net/) has been publishing online. TNS is a hard news web publication founded on participatory economics (parecon) principles by ZNet commentator Jessica Azulay

ZNet Update and Essays on Aceh and Racism

2005-01-11 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another free ZNet Update. You can add and remove addresses via the link on the ZNet top page. OF course there is much that is new up on ZNet since last message. For example, there is the January issue of Z Magazine for sustainers and online subscribers, and also two articles

Multi author We Stand Statement from ZNet

2005-01-21 Thread Michael Albert
Vittorio Agnoletto, Italy Christophe Aguiton, France Michael Albert, USA Tariq Ali, England Bridget Anderson, England Katherine Anger, England Jessica Azulay, USA David Bacon, USA David Barsamian, USA Phyllis Bennis, USA Elena Blanco, Venezuela Nadine Bloch, USA Bill Blum, USA Peter Bohmer, USA

ZNet Update, Chomsky offer Bill Moyers article

2005-02-03 Thread Michael Albert
. So if you sign up to donate $10 a month, TNS gets an extra $20 from the challenge fund! For more about The NewStandard's membership drive: http://newstandardnews.net/promo2/index.cfm/action/challenge For the NewStandard Top Page: http://newstandardnews.net/ Please give it a look! Michael Albert

ZNet Update, Chomsky on U.S., Albert on Churchill...

2005-02-09 Thread Michael Albert
of Washington, and the responsibilities of dissent. The second, Raise Your Voice, Keep Your Head Down, is by Michael Albert and addresses the recent attacks on Ward Churchill, implications for free speech, and some related ramifications. -- Imperial Presidency: Strategies to Control the Great Beast

Znet Update Venezuela Commentary

2005-05-10 Thread Michael Albert
to undertake its own agendas, bottom up. We hope you will agree, and that you will partake. Propose, vote (especially vote), comment, report, review! Thank you, Michael Albert --- And here, for a little parallel motivation, is a report from Venezuela. This essay is, by the way, to be tonight's ZNet

Znet Update Herman Commentary

2005-05-24 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a ZNet Update. Today we want to bring to your attention a major article by Stephen Shalom, The Anti-War Movement and Iraq, that explores contentious issues of debate about the occupation, Iraqi resistance, and the antiwar movement. It is long so please set aside some time when you

ZNet Update Shiva Commentary

2005-05-26 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is another Free Update from ZNet. We hope you will consider supporting ZNet via our sustainer program. Today we are sending a commentary that is going out tonight to all our Sustainers. Each night, every night, we send a commentary like this to people supporting ZNet's operations.

Update Commentary from ZNet

2005-06-23 Thread Michael Albert
Hi, This is a ZNet Update mailing. Continual site updating occurs, as always. We hope you have been visiting ZNet's top page at http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm regularly. We would like to request that your seriously consider supporting ZNet and Z operations more broadly by becoming a

Update from ZNet and Pilger Commentary

2005-07-07 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a free update from ZNet. You can add or remove names to our update mailing list, now going to over 200,000 addresses, via the link on ZNet's top page (www.zmag.org/weluser.htm). We of course welcome you to visit ZNet for our daily analysis of events, movements, ideas, strategy,

Update Pilger Commentary from ZNet

2005-08-02 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is another ZNet Update. It is summer here where ZNet is maintained, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. That means it is hot, but nice. We hope you will visit the site http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm regularly. It is updated a few times daily. As our mailing today we have an essay from

ZNet Free Update, Commentary, and Book Interivew

2005-08-27 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a ZNet Free Update mailing. You can remove yourself from the list to receive these mailings via the link from our top page, www.zmag.org/weluser.htm We hope you will visit ZNet's top page. Our main new upgrade, to be inplace this week, is a daily journalism feed from The

Update Two (Albert Parenti) Commentaries from ZNet

2005-09-02 Thread Michael Albert
include two essays for you. These are each ZNet Commentaries. The first, by Michael Albert, sent to Sustainers last last night, is a kind of call to campus activism. The second, by Michael Parenti, to be sent to sustainers tonight, is a comment on deeper factors affecting the calamity in New Orleans

ZNet Update DemRep amusement, McMurtry and Rolling Stone incitement

2005-09-14 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Another ZNet Free Update. You can add or remove email addresses via the ZNet top page, please: http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm We hope you will visit the top page frequently, as well, for its regular updates. Coverage of the Katrina aftermath continues, and of world relations, domnestic

Update Commentary from ZNet

2005-10-07 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a ZNet free update. You can add or remove addresses for our updates at the top page of ZNet which is at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm Some news first, then a couple of articles from today on ZNet. The October Issue of Z is Online. ZNet Sustainers or those who aren't sustainers but

ZNet Update Rosa Parks Bob Dylan

2005-10-31 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is another free update sent from ZNet. You can add or subtract email addresses for free updates via the link on the ZNet top page which is at http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm In this mailing we include an essay from Paul Rogat Loeb regarding Rosa Parks and the heritage and lessons of

ZNet Update: petitions and interviews...

2005-11-09 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a free ZNet Update mailing. You can add or remove addresses to our list from the front page of ZNet any time: http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm First, we apologize that our blog system and our Z Magazine online facility have been having some operational hiccups. We are working on

ZNet Update IVAW Interview

2005-11-16 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is another ZNet Free Update. Please visit the site: http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm ZNet is updated daily, of course. One current focus of ZNet is the war in Iraq and opposition to it. Today I wanted to send out an interview with Patrick Resta, New England organizer for Iraq Veterans

ZNet Update: Special Offer and Ed Herman on the New York Times

2005-12-02 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Z Magazine has just come out with its December issue (in print and online) and will soon be entering its 19th year of continuous monthly print publication. We'd like to invite as many people as possible to subscribe to Z Magazine in print at a super discounted rate of just $19. This

ZNet Update Call

2005-12-13 Thread Michael Albert
it. Michael Albert --- EMAIL FLOOD PLANNED FOR THURSDAY, DEC. 15 TO SAVE THE BAUEN! Please forward widely, and send the email at the bottom on THURSDAY, DEC.15 We are looking for a huge, international flood on Thursday, but email after that date will still help! BACKGROUND At 2 a.m. on Wednesday

Update Important news from ZNet

2006-01-02 Thread Michael Albert
Evictions Scourge by Jessica Azulay http://newstandardnews.net/content/index.cfm/items/2630 Critics Question Senate's Supposed 'Anti-torture' Stance by Michelle Chen http://newstandardnews.net/content/index.cfm/items/2702 So do it now, please, if you possibly can... And Happy New Year, Michael Albert

ZNet Update Albert article on Chavez, the Devil, Chomsky, and Us

2006-09-26 Thread Michael Albert
Michael Albert What can leftists learn from Chavezs UN speech and its aftermath? That the U.S. is the worlds most egregious rogue state. We already knew that and, in fact, so does most everyone else. That Bush and Co. engage in repeated acts of amoral, immoral, and antimoral behavior such as a devil

ZNet Update Herman Commentary

2006-10-31 Thread Michael Albert
an hour in length. In Worker Occupied Factories in Argentina, Marie Trigona talks about on-the-ground workplace models emphasizing participation, equality, and solidarity. In Building a Pareconish Movement Michael Albert summarizes the principles and values of parecon and the economic institutions

New Albert Memoir: Remembering Tomorrow

2007-02-01 Thread Michael Albert
: In this candid memoir of the American Left, veteran anticapitalist activist Michael Albert offers a characteristically unadorned personal account of recent American movements to transcend inequality. A uniquely visionary figure, Remembering Tomorrow recounts a life of uncompromising commitment

ZNet Update

2007-02-04 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Having sent out a rather formal announcement of my new book, Remembering Tomorrow and seen a large but not stupendous flurry of activity around it, it is hard not to wonder how to induce additional interest - and so here I give it a try. Please go to the book page

ZNet Update

2007-05-11 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Here is a free ZNet Update. You can add or remove your address from our mailing list at the top page of ZNet = http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm We are hard at work on the upgrade of all our online oeprations. It has been a long time coming - and it is a long time finishing, too. But

ZNet Update and Albert on the USSF

2007-07-12 Thread Michael Albert
. by Michael Albert At the US Social Forum 2007, in the city that hosts CNN and Coke, in hotel venues where debutantes ironically were on parade, the progressive community stood tall and steadfast, proud and capable. The forum's over 900 sessions were truly diverse in those presenting and those attending

ZNet Update and three Chomsky pieces

2007-07-31 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, This is a ZNet Free Update. Below there is a ZNet interview with Noam Chomsky about his latest book Interventions and below that are two excerpts from the book. However, before you get to that we'd like to remind you that we have been trying to do an upgrade of the whole Z

ZNet Update and Wilpert on Venezuela

2007-09-21 Thread Michael Albert
Hello, Apologies that we haven't been sending more frequent ZNet Updates. The problem has been the upgrade of the site, which is, at this point, driving us crazy. The delays - it has taken four times as long as contracted - have been and remain incredibly disruptive - both financially and

ZNet New Site Announcement

2007-12-21 Thread Michael Albert
to aid our efforts, that you will also become a Sustainer. This upgrade is Z's future. It works, or we are in very big trouble. So - I hope you will give it a chance! Yours for ZCom Michael Albert

Extensive Albert Interview about Z Financies and Future.

2007-12-31 Thread Michael Albert
. It is long...but that's because we take you and the issues seriously! Twenty Upgrade Questions and Answers.. By Michael Albert There have been numerous questions from users, from many directions, about the new Z Communications Upgrade as well as our financial situation, aims, methods, etc