RE: [ZODB-Dev] Weird errors with Zope 2.7.7

2005-10-11 Thread Tim Peters
[Chris Withers] We've been seeing these errors for a while now, but had assumed it was due to an old Zope version. We've been running 2.7.7 for a week or two now and we're still seeing these intermittently: At any particular time(s)? For example, do these (either or both) tend to occur when a

[ZODB-Dev] Re: Server Notification?

2005-10-11 Thread Chris Spencer
Jim Fulton wrote: Chris Spencer wrote: When a non-ghost object is invalidated, it's _p_invalidate method is called. You could conceivably override this method, for example to reload state and update a display. Could this be used in the demo to directly notify the client of new