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2011-09-09 Thread mangan
zones-discuss mailing list Please remove my name from the list. ___ zones-discuss mailing list zones-discuss@opensolaris.org

[zones-discuss] Paul Mangan wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn

2010-11-10 Thread Paul Mangan via LinkedIn
LinkedIn Paul Mangan requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn: -- Bill, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Paul Mangan Accept invitation from Paul Mangan http://www.linkedin.com/e/-p8lz67-ggc9g0q7-5f

Re: [zones-discuss] ssh on zones

2008-01-09 Thread Mangan
zlogin into the zone. cd to /var/svc/profile. ln -s ./generic_open.xml /var/svc/profile/generic.xml reboot the zone It should work after that. - - -Paul -Original Message- From: Thiago Sobral [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Jan 9, 2008 1:57 PM To: Mangan [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: zones-discuss

Re: [zones-discuss] [zfs-discuss] 3510 Array and ZFS/Zones

2007-12-21 Thread Mangan
Is this a release that can be downloaded from the website and will work on SPARC systems. The write up says it is for VMware. Am I missing something? Use Solaris 10 9/07. It has more than a year's worth of improvements and enhancements to Solaris. -- richard

Re: [zones-discuss] cannot negotiate hypervisor

2007-12-10 Thread Mangan
Thanks to all. I will move forward with this. -Original Message- From: Liam Merwick [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Dec 10, 2007 5:37 AM To: Mangan [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: EndaO'Connor [EMAIL PROTECTED], zones-discuss@opensolaris.org Subject: Re: [zones-discuss] cannot negotiate hypervisor Hi

[zones-discuss] cannot negotiate hypervisor

2007-12-07 Thread Mangan
the internet for some message like that and found BUG 6459302 which stated State 11-Closed:Not Reproducible (Closed) Hate to say this but I just reproduced it. Does anyone know of a workaround or a fix for it? Paul Mangan ___ zones-discuss mailing list

Re: [zones-discuss] Can't install zone after 10_recommended

2007-11-30 Thread Mangan
This was the problem. Thanks to Richard Lowe and Enda Oconnor for getting me on the right track and pointing me to the workaround. -Original Message- From: Richard Lowe [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Nov 29, 2007 11:38 AM To: Mangan [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: zones-discuss@opensolaris.org Subject

[zones-discuss] Can't install zone after 10_recommended

2007-11-29 Thread Mangan
( permission denied) even though you can login via zlogin. I took an identical T2000 without the 10_reccommended patchset and I can create as many working zones as I want. Could this be a part of 120011-14 patch problem? ---Paul Mangan ___ zones-discuss