Re: [zones-discuss] zones network documentation redux

2006-09-23 Thread Steffen Weiberle
I do similar, but use the builtin interface, with a dummy address that is on the same network as my zones. Since this is set up after boot, I do need to remember to start my zones manually before the demo. Steffen Jay Calaus wrote On 09/22/06 10:35,: James, Fortunately, it doesn't need to

[zones-discuss] Re: Devices in a local zone.....

2006-09-23 Thread Nergal Dimitri
Isn't it possible to administrate zone privileges from global zone to local zone yet? In another thread that I posted people told me it was possible, perhaps only in OpenSolaris? This message posted from ___ zones-discuss mailing

Re: [zones-discuss] Cost to Manage Solaris Containers vs. Just Global Zone?

2006-09-23 Thread Mads Toftum
On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 05:19:53PM -0600, Jerry Jelinek wrote: However, I have not heard of any formal analysis that tries to quantify these benefits. My guess is that although there is some benefit, it is not a huge percentage of the overall administrative cost of managing each zone vs.

[zones-discuss] Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zones-discuss

2006-09-23 Thread Eric Boutilier
For background on what this is, see: = zones-discuss 09/01 - 09/15 = Size of all threads during