Re: [zones-discuss] Unable to create a whole-root zone

2007-01-11 Thread Neil Garthwaite
Durga, It appears you have the following mismatch, i.e. zonecfg:zone-one set zonepath=/export/zone-one The file /export/zone-1/root/var/sadm/system/logs/install_log contains a log of the zone installation. Note: zone-one vs zone-1 Also, in previous followup emails you mention Solaris

Re: [zones-discuss] Re: Newly created zones will not boot

2007-01-11 Thread Enda O'Connor ( Sun Micro Systems Ireland)
Jay Morrison wrote: UPDATE: We created another zone on one of our test servers but this time watched df -Z to see what was actually being mounted during the zonadm -z zonename install. It turns out that everything comes up as a LOFS mount during the installation, and the appropriate files

Re: [zones-discuss] Re: Re: Ashanti and Zulu Details Needed

2007-01-11 Thread James Carlson
Ben Rockwood writes: When I say migration I'm refering to moving zones either: A) From one system to another B) Exporting a zone prior to upgrade, and then importing it after the upgrade. I don't see how (B) can be supported with the current software. In either case we've got two problems:

Re: [zones-discuss] Unable to create a whole-root zone

2007-01-11 Thread Brad Diggs
Durga, After reading through the original note, I agree with Neil that there is an inconsistency between zone-one and zone-1. Did you try creating a zone with the zonemgr script that I mentioned? Also, I read through the output of the install log that you sent in your original post. It appears