Re: [zones-discuss] list of default /dev nodes in non-global zones

2007-09-25 Thread Sebastien Roy
Hi Dan, Dan Price wrote: On Wed 19 Sep 2007 at 06:05PM, Sebastien Roy wrote: I'm working on adding a new service which runs in a non-global zone, and which uses a control device in /dev. How do I arrange for this /dev node to appear in non-global zones? Check out /usr/lib/brand/native

Re: [zones-discuss] list of default /dev nodes in non-global zones

2007-09-26 Thread Sebastien Roy
Edward Pilatowicz wrote: well, there used to be in s10. they have been removed in snv. Thanks for the reply. Was the general approach then to have a process in the non-global zone grab a door descriptor from the kernel somehow? How did the daemon in the global zone know where a particular

[zones-discuss] SUNWcsd postinstall and zones

2008-08-18 Thread Sebastien Roy
Folks, The SUNWcsd package is a SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES package, yet its postinstall script unconditionally creates a bunch of symbolic links from /dev to /devices. Since there is no /devices directory in native non-global zones, this confuses me. Can anyone explain why this makes any sense? Thanks,

Re: [zones-discuss] Nero Linux in zones

2010-04-12 Thread Sebastien Roy
On 04/12/10 01:07 PM, wrote: So no one knows of a solution for OpenSolaris that is similar to what's available on other platforms? That's too bad. I suppose I should just NFS the filesystem and access it over the network, from a computer running either Windows or Linux, just

Re: [zones-discuss] moving a zone?

2010-05-24 Thread Sebastien Roy
On 05/22/10 09:26 PM, Thomas Burgess wrote: Is it possible to move a zone from one server to another in opensolaris? I have a machine running b133 with a few zones, and i'd like to move them to a new machine running b134 Is there anyway to do this? Yes, this is called zone migration. There