svn commit: r672058 - /hadoop/zookeeper/trunk/build.xml

2008-06-26 Thread akornev
Author: akornev Date: Thu Jun 26 16:47:24 2008 New Revision: 672058 URL: Log: Fixed the svn-revision and dist ant targets Modified: hadoop/zookeeper/trunk/build.xml Modified: hadoop/zookeeper/trunk/build.xml URL:

svn commit: r679557 [3/3] - in /hadoop/zookeeper/trunk/src/c: ./ include/ src/ src/hashtable/ tests/

2008-07-24 Thread akornev
Modified: hadoop/zookeeper/trunk/src/c/tests/ URL: == ---

svn commit: r686294 - in /hadoop/zookeeper/trunk: build.xml src/java/Changes.txt src/java/lib/svnant/ src/lastRevision.bat src/

2008-08-15 Thread akornev
Author: akornev Date: Fri Aug 15 11:00:17 2008 New Revision: 686294 URL: Log: [ZOOKEEPER-110] Removed dependency on svnant; using a shell script to extract the revision number from SVN instead. Added: hadoop/zookeeper/trunk/src