Meetup entry for Zookeeper Contributors meeting (day after summit)

2010-06-11 Thread Patrick Hunt
There's now a meetup entry for anyone interested in attending the ZooKeeper contributors meeting happening at Yahoo offices (sunnyvale) the day after the summit. Lunch will be served. Please RSVP if you plan to attend so that we can be sure to have enough space/vittles.

[jira] Updated: (ZOOKEEPER-702) GSoC 2010: Failure Detector Model

2010-06-11 Thread Abmar Barros (JIRA)
[ ] Abmar Barros updated ZOOKEEPER-702: --- Attachment: bertier-pseudo.txt chen-pseudo.txt

[jira] Assigned: (ZOOKEEPER-712) Bookie recovery

2010-06-11 Thread Erwin Tam (JIRA)
[ ] Erwin Tam reassigned ZOOKEEPER-712: --- Assignee: Erwin Tam Bookie recovery --- Key: