Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.1.6: ZCatalog's Reindex unintuitive?

2000-06-04 Thread Dieter Maurer
Kevin Dangoor writes: I know, of cause, that a DMTL method could do this job. However, a general method "manage_catalogRefind" might be generally useful. It would remember the parameters for the last find operation and reapply the find. I like the other solutions that exist/are

Re: [Zope] ZHealth?

2000-06-04 Thread Graham Chiu
In article [EMAIL PROTECTED], Alexander Chelnokov [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes Hello All, Similarly to E-Commerce there is also E-Health (or E-He@lth) trend now. While there is ZCommerce here what is about ZHealth? An OpenSource project FreeMed ( exists in PHP+MySQL - does anybody

Re: [Zope] zcatalog keyerror 30

2000-06-04 Thread kdie
-Original Message- From: Chris Withers [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Monday, May 29, 2000 12:19 AM Subject: Re: [Zope] zcatalog keyerror 30 Try the patching described in the following message:

[Zope] a patch for the calendar tag 0.9.10

2000-06-04 Thread Jerome ALET
Hi there, here's a patch for the Calendar 0.9.10 product. This version allows people to define their own day or month names instead of the default english names. This is very useful if you want to setup a web calendar in another language than English. In French, some month names contain

Re: [Zope] a patch for the calendar tag 0.9.10

2000-06-04 Thread Jerome ALET
Sorry, I've created a new patch, because in my previous one I've forgotten to correct the day mode too. The problem happens in day mode as well as in week mode, even if the week wasn't between two months. Sorry for the incoveninence, you'll find the new patch attached to this message. bye,

Re:[Zope] Mailing lists available on a news server

2000-06-04 Thread truename
I notice that Mozilla has its mailing lists available for reading from a news server on I'm not sure whether you can post to it too -- I assume so, and that there is a two-way gateway between the news and the mail. Any chance of having a similar arrangement? Guess this

[Zope] Update from Beehive ZClass manual ?

2000-06-04 Thread FR Chalaoux
Hi Mark, In your last message about ZClass ( ) your wrote : thanks! the cool thing about our tutorials is that all our customers get free updates for one year --- giving us bees a chance to correct any errors as well as document any

[Zope] permissions for the folder at /

2000-06-04 Thread Paolo Pumilia
Hi all zopers, I've been playing around with zope 2.1.6 (debian distrib) for a few days. Today accessing zope main page was weird: no password is required any more to access the root folder management page. Permissions are however restricted, so no dtml methods and no new directories can be

[Zope] is WebDAV a security hole?

2000-06-04 Thread Jacob Lundqvist
Been playing around with WebDAV from IE5 connecting to a RedHat 6.1 +Zope 2.1.6 And it seems that quite a bit of the stuff that propably shouldn't be visible can be seen, for example acl_users Without being logged in I can start a download of it, eventually IE5 fails, but I get this

Re: [Zope] PoPy module

2000-06-04 Thread jani
Alexander N Gould wrote: I'm trying to install the PoPy Python module on my Yellowdog Linux system (a redhat clone for PowerPC hardware). I'm sure it's a simple task, but I don't know how to do it. Any suggestions or tips? Thanks in advance. Building highways to reduce traffic is like

[Zope] Re: Update from Beehive ZClass manual ?

2000-06-04 Thread Mark Pratt
hi FR, thanks! the cool thing about our tutorials is that all our customers get free updates for one year --- giving us bees a chance to correct any errors as well as document any (in this case ZClass) new features/changes. FR wrote: So, when will come the next update of ZClass manual ?

Re: [Zope] Using FTP to connect to Zope server from (g)VIM

2000-06-04 Thread David Trudgett
At 2000-06-02 15:51 +0100, Phil Harris wrote: Hi all, My intellect was piqued recently by a discussion on the list about editors for Zope etc. I remember some people saynig that VIM was good, to which my response was, 'Yeah but there's no FTP built in'. Someone then responded with a few

Re: [Zope] security issues

2000-06-04 Thread Ragnar Beer
I will soon have a Zope-site ready to go online. How can I make shure that I did everything (concerning Zope) to stop intruders? Where can I find information about protecting a Zope-site? Has anyone had security problems so far? Easiest (most brutal?) fix I've found - hide Zope

Re: [Zope] How to ZCatalog DTML documents and/or HTML files automatically?

2000-06-04 Thread Loren Stafford
ZScheduler is sort of functional on Win98, but not at all on Unix. It seems to cause Zope to restart when the product is loaded and it doesn't trigger events. I haven't had the time to track down the symptoms, let alone the real causes. I'd gladly accept help from others. -- Loren -

[Zope] HappySession 0.1.0 released!

2000-06-04 Thread Hung Jung Lu
Hi, I have been using RAM-based session management for a while, but never wrote a product for it. Since Graham Chiu has mentioned it again about making a real product, I have taken the time to make one, and called it HappySession. :) Well, in short, it uses cookie for session id, you specify

[Zope] Product Downloads

2000-06-04 Thread Andrew Kenneth Milton
Just a small suggestion:- Can you put a list of "Page Numbers" along with the next/prev 20 to make it easier to navigate into the middle of the pack ? Or a 'show all' link perhaps? At least you can binary search when you're looking for something rather than sequential search (and you don't know