[Zope] Changing user pwds

2000-08-07 Thread Aaron Williamson
Hello, I created a form to allow users to change their own passwords. I hate the idea of giving them all "Manage Users" permissions, but ok whatever. But "acl_users.manage_users('Change', REQUEST, RESPONSE)" won't work unless the user has "View Management Screens" permissions. Not only

[Zope] ZCatalog updating

2000-07-31 Thread Aaron Williamson
I am convinced this is a stupid question that has been answered a hundred times already, but after scouring zope.org and the archives, I still don't know the answer, so... How can I automatically update my ZCatalog when items have been added/modified/changed? Thanks for any help, Aaron

[Zope] Creating folders in LocalFS

2000-07-17 Thread Aaron Williamson
I have a LocalFS object within a directory, and in the same directory I have a method which I want to use (among other things) to create new folders within the LocalFS object, which is called "pictures." If I try pictures.manage_addFolder(id) the folder gets stuck in the directory it is called

Re: [Zope] Select in ZSQL

2000-07-17 Thread Aaron Williamson
I'm having problems with this select statement in ZQL using a MySQL db: select table1.id, table2.id from table_x table1, table_y table2 I got this error: Error, exceptions.ValueError: Duplicate column name, id Try: select table1.id, table2 AS id2 from table_x table1, table_y table2

Re: [Zope] Variable sort in dtml-in

2000-07-14 Thread Aaron Williamson
I have attached appropriate patch for dtml-in tag for Zope 2.2.0b3/b4 (Of course this patch was checked and works ok). Thanks again for the patch. It is a much needed option (and rather a glaring omission from the original code). So far it is working flawlessly for me. I want extend my

Re: [Zope] testing for local roles

2000-07-14 Thread Aaron Williamson
Brian Lloyd wrote: dtml-if "AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_role(('Manager','siteManager'), this())" ... /dtml-if Well, while we're on the subject of AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_role, I've just come upon an error that just popped up all of a sudden in an SQL query that was working fine before. The

Re: [Zope] I want to assign the values of parameters in a form to another parameter in the same form?

2000-07-13 Thread Aaron Williamson
Sean G Richards wrote: Dear Zope list, I want to cat the values of parameters, all strings, in a form to another parameter in the same form. How would I go about doing this using dtml? I tested using this: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('foo','this is a string')" dtml-call

[Zope] Variable sort in dtml-in

2000-07-13 Thread Aaron Williamson
In my search form, I have a selection box "in_sort_by" whose value can be "Category", "Field", or "Title". I am trying to make dtml-in sort by this value. I am using: dtml-in SQL_search sort="_['in_sort_by']" size=list_size start=query_start And I've tried other variations, but I always get

[Zope] MySQL LIKE operator

2000-07-12 Thread Aaron Williamson
Hello, I'm writing a search query to a MySQL database. I want to keep people from screwing around with my database by running searches like "; delete from ... yada yada. So I should use dtml-sqlvar, right? But what if I want to use LIKE? If I say: WHERE goo LIKE "%dtml-sqlvar name=bar

[Zope] Current Year

2000-07-11 Thread Aaron Williamson
I hate to sound like such a newbie, but I am having the darndest time trying to figure out how to get the current year. I know that the current time is ZopeTime, but I have tried every way I can think of to get the year() function to work with it, and at last have given up. The documentation I