[Zope] Re: Some help required but no sarcastic comments this time please

2001-01-24 Thread Alan Capesius
I understand your comments about sarcasm, but realize that this community is riddled with Unix bigots and just ignore it. Just listen to those willing to help. If you don't have to use MySQL, try either SQL Server or MS Access (small databases). See my pages on Zope NT SQL at

[Zope] RE: Every user should have the Anonymous role everywhere

2000-07-01 Thread Alan Capesius, MCSE
My suggestion for splitting the role or allowing an "anyone" or "public" role would allow "anonymous" to be maintained and used to identify users that are not authenticated. (This seems to be the norm now for DTML.) The new role would basically be defined as "ignore all security and allow

RE: [Zope] Authentication, Anonymous and Public

2000-06-30 Thread Alan Capesius, MCSE
I thought the same. Perhaps the use of NT User causes this? Since the browser has the credentials to authenticate to NT and the higher folders are not aware of the NT User Folder... Seems the only solutions are to use the NT User Folder at the root level. Thanks -- From: