[Zope] verify whether html input type=file... is empty

2001-01-17 Thread Andrei Belitski
Hi! Don't know if it is really a zope question, but I have a problem, verifying if e.g. input INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="image_1" SIZE="50" is empty or not using dtml-unless " REQUEST[ 'image_1']=='' " dtml-call "manage_addImage( id=imageId, file=REQUEST[ image_1], REQUEST=REQUEST )"

[Zope] get property of type 'list'

2001-01-10 Thread Andrei Belitski
Hi! I add a list property to a DTML document of type 'tokens' (e.g. '[1, 2, 3]') wenn i try to retrieve it with _.getitem i get '[1,' '2,' '3]' instead of '1' '2' '3' How can I get Zope to interpret my property like a list not a string or whatever else? Thank you in advance!

[Zope] how to display contents of a folder?

2000-11-24 Thread Andrei Belitski
Hi I would like to display contnent of a zope folder on my HTML-page preferrebly only the DTML Documents of a particular folder, how can I do it? Thank you very much in advance Andrei ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]