Re: [Zope-dev] Open Letters and Zope 3

2001-12-04 Thread Andy Dawkins
YAY *There was much rejoicing* Thanks Shane, once again you have solved my problems. -Andy Shane Hathaway wrote: Andy Dawkins wrote: Zope 3X requires Python 2.2b2. Are you sure you mean Python2.2b2? I tried this but seem to get problems with the pyexpat module. Would

Re: [Zope-dev] Open Letter to zope-dev

2001-11-30 Thread Andy Dawkins
is entitled to their own opinion. Thanks for listening to my rant, I hope it helped the cause. -Andy Dawkins (AndyD) (oh know, another bloody Andy) Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote: Since I seem to be the cause of all hell breaking loose over here, I thought take the opportunity to respond, since I

[Zope-dev] Zope 2.3.1b3 problem

2001-03-26 Thread Andy Dawkins
People I have found this small problem but I don't know where it is coming from or why. If you create a Python Script in a folder: --- print return printed --- If fails with this error: Error Type: TypeError Error Value: call of non-function (type list) Traceback

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.3.1b3 problem

2001-03-26 Thread Andy Dawkins
Phil Harris wrote: Andy, Try print container.getId() return printed hth Phil That doesn't work either. Prehaps I should have been more specific. Generally _any_ calls on the container result in this error. I used '' because this is the simplist one to

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.3.1b3 problem

2001-03-26 Thread Andy Dawkins
I'd file this in the Collector, I have seen another problem with Python Scripts that seems related on the lists somewhere, I think something changed out from under Ethan's feet.. This has been collected: No. 2094 Cheers -Andy

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.3.1b3 problem

2001-03-26 Thread Andy Dawkins
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is now fixed in the 2.3 branch. Thanks, Evan @ digicool Thanks Evan -Andy ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! **

[Zope-dev] ZCatalog bug in 2.3.1b2

2001-03-20 Thread Andy Dawkins
I posted this before but didn't get a reply. Has any one seen this bug, Or do they know a fix? ATM this is stopping me using 2.3.1b2 which is a bad thing(tm) --- Zope Errorr Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Error Type: TypeError Error Value: len() of

Re: [Zope-dev] New Zcatalog bug on b2?

2001-03-17 Thread Andy Dawkins
Chris I also have this error with 2.3.1b2 Here is the line which calls the search: sr = self.searchResults({'Type' : type, 'sort_on':'lowercase_title_'}) fyi. type = 'TypeTest' The indexes are as follows: Status = Text Index Type = Field Index Identifier = Field Index lowercase_title_ = Field

Re: [Zope-dev] Weird Re-Indexing Errors after move to Zope 2.3.1b1

2001-03-02 Thread Andy Dawkins
Chris Withers wrote: Is there a workaround in the meantime? This is turning into a real showstopper for one of NIP's most important projects right now :~( desperately, Chris I the meantime I have changed that method to the following: def insertReverseIndexEntry(self, entry,

[Zope-dev] Unindex_Object, bug (Again)

2001-02-20 Thread Andy Dawkins
The bug with zope 2.3.0 that I reported with this mail: Has made it in to 2.3.1b1 Can we please get rid of it this time?? Do I need to submit anything to the collector for this to happen? -Andy

Re: [Zope-dev] Unindex_Object, bug (Again)

2001-02-20 Thread Andy Dawkins
Chris McDonough wrote: Andy, Eek!! Please do submit this to the collector again. Apologies, - C I have submitted it to the collector with a patch, so there will be no excuses next time :) -Andy ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL

[Zope-dev] Re: [Zope] New Python Script Logo?

2001-02-20 Thread Andy Dawkins
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Here's take II of the funky logo for python scripts (adapted from the Win32 Python distribution) This one is transaparent where it needs to be... enjoy :-) Chris Totally Groovy Its made its way in to my Zope installation's -Andy

Re: [Zope-dev] Profiling Products

2001-02-08 Thread Andy Dawkins
Martijn Pieters wrote: Have a look at: Control Panel - Debug Information. There is a 'Profiling' tab that explains what you have to do to switch it on. -- Martijn Pieters Oh my god, That is so sexy :-) Cheers Martijn, I owe you a pint. -Andy

[Zope-dev] Profiling Products

2001-02-07 Thread Andy Dawkins
People I have a desire to be able to profile my Python Product so that I can benefit from the advantages of profiling. Has anybody done this? Does anybody know how to do this? I have tried profiling but of course that doesn't drop down to the level of the python product (Possibly running

[Zope-dev] 2.3.0. Unindex_object Tried To Unindex Nonexistent

2001-01-29 Thread Andy Dawkins
I'm having some more problems with the ZCatalog in Zope 2.3.0 I've got a name error in the file Error Type: NameError Error Value: i I believe this is occuring when the catalog tries to unindex an object that isn't currently indexed. The traceback reports line 332: File

[Zope] 2.3 and Products

2001-01-25 Thread Andy Dawkins
I heard a rumour that with Zope 2.3 you don't need to restart the Zope server after making changes a (python) Product. Can anyone confirm this? If so how can I turn on/make this work ? -Andy ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Zope] 2.3 and Products

2001-01-25 Thread Andy Dawkins
Brain Cheers, That explains why it wouldn't do it then :) -Andy Brian Lloyd wrote: I heard a rumour that with Zope 2.3 you don't need to restart the Zope server after making changes a (python) Product. Can anyone confirm this? If so how can I turn on/make this work ? -Andy

RE: [Zope] PythonScripts editable through FTP?

2001-01-24 Thread Andy Dawkins
Chris Yes you can use FTP to edit them. (Tested with HomeSite) Its kinda neat. The output looks like: ## Python Script "scripty1" ##bind container=container ##bind context=context ##bind namespace= ##bind script=script ##bind

RE: [Zope-dev] New UI for 2.3

2001-01-12 Thread Andy Dawkins
Well just to be completely different to everyone else, I like the new look. The bar at the top takes up a centimeter on my 20in monitor and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I think Brain is right, People have been asking for DC to give Zope a face lift and now its got one you are all

RE: [Zope-dev] case insensitive sorts

2001-01-04 Thread Andy Dawkins
* collation (which letters belong together) is highly locale sensitive (e.g., does a-accent-grave sort with a? etc.) A Fair point. The answer is whatever seems _naturally_ correct from a users point of view. I think the answer is yes. Elephant entropy écrit élan i.e. In the order in

RE: [Zope-dev] case insensitive sorts

2001-01-03 Thread Andy Dawkins
Dieter Maurer wrote: Chris Withers writes: Dieter Maurer wrote: Andy McKay writes: what does anyone else think I would not like it. Why not? ;-) I would not like to see this sort order in the management screens, because I use capitalization to

RE: [Zope-dev] case insensitive sorts

2001-01-03 Thread Andy Dawkins
Andrew David Wayne bart sophie is better than sorting: Andrew bart David sophie Wayne That's only because you use NT (ach spit). ;) Thats not actually true. It is how python behaves on WinNt, Win9X, Linux, etc (I have tested this) -Andy

RE: [Zope-dev] case insensitive sorts

2001-01-03 Thread Andy Dawkins
Your analogies imply that this behavior is a bug or an unintended flaw in the design. I would argue that it is intentional. Unix file systems work the same way. Try doing an "ls" with mixed case files and you'll see what I mean. It isn't a flaw. It seems as though it was overlooked. The

RE: [Zope] DTML-LET problems

2000-12-08 Thread Andy Dawkins
Mohan try this, dtml-let the_current_user="REQUEST.AUTHENTICATED_USER.getUserName()" dtml-var the_current_user /dtml-let -AndyD -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Mohan Baro Sent: 08 December 2000 14:41 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [Zope] How to use newline_to_br?

2000-12-04 Thread Andy Dawkins
Almost got it dtml-var data newline_to_br :) -Andy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Roland C. Reumerman Sent: 04 December 2000 12:30 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope] How to use newline_to_br? Scenario: - a tried to show a

RE: [Zope] come see

2000-11-27 Thread Andy Dawkins
Ethan errr. I have a problem with that address. The following error was encountered: Unable to determine IP address from host name for The dnsserver returned: Name Error: The domain name does not exist. Cheers -Andy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL

RE: [Zope] Objection to Python Script Name

2000-11-23 Thread Andy Dawkins
But there is a difference for the internal methods (restrictions on security and builtins), as well as similarities with other Zope methods (the way you call it from DTML or via URL). I was thinking of the analogy with ZSQL. BTW, can you use DTML tags in Python Script the same way you

RE: [Zope] sort

2000-11-22 Thread Andy Dawkins
Mechtild try dtml-in MyCatalog sort='title' -Andy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Mechtild Hofmann Sent: 22 November 2000 09:33 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope] sort Hello again, I want to sort catalog results e.g. by

RE: [Zope] ZMailIn - alternatives?

2000-11-21 Thread Andy Dawkins
Vince I installed it right away - and I think it should work. When first trying to mail to the system it said it had some problem with the x-envelope-to header. The ZMailIn system doesn't use the x-envelope-to header it uses the envelope-to header. If your mail server provides x-envelope-to

RE: [Zope] ZMailIn - alternatives?

2000-11-21 Thread Andy Dawkins
Chris If that will solve peoples problems. But I haven't had much feedback on the product so its hard to make any improvements. -Andy -Original Message- From: Chris Withers [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 21 November 2000 10:14 To: Andy Dawkins Subject: Re: [Zope] ZMailIn

RE: [Zope] ZMailIn - alternatives?

2000-11-20 Thread Andy Dawkins
Vince What specifically is the problem. As author of the ZMailIn Products prehaps I can help you solve your problem. -Andy Hi Zope, I tried to install ZMailIn but due to several x-envelope-to-header problems from different providers I think it'll not become a viable way of getting articles

RE: [Zope-dev] Fw: 2gb file size

2000-11-07 Thread Andy Dawkins
Shane This would be very helpfull to share. One of the reasons I tried the Berkeley Database was because I kept blowing this 2Gb limit. Prehaps if this was released I could finally finish the zope mail archives. :-) Cheers -Andy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Zope-dev] ZMYSALDA - Ports

2000-10-16 Thread Andy Dawkins
People Has anyone managed to patch the MYSQLDA so that you can access a MySQL server on a different port? i.e. port 3307 instead of the default 3306 If so would you care to share the breakthrough with me please? Andy Dawkins ___ Zope-Dev maillist

RE: [Zope] ZCatalog Queries...

2000-08-31 Thread Andy Dawkins
It's be nice if ZCatalog had a good general purpose interface, and was a bit more robust. (the BTree implementation which has been mentioned a few times springs to mind here ;-) Can you be more specific? Andy can fill you in on the specifics. OK... Specifics,

[Zope] [ANN]: ZMailIn 0.3.0 Now Available

2000-08-07 Thread Andy Dawkins
ZMailIn 0.3.0 is now available here: Major Revisions: -- Global ZCatalog to index ZMailIn instances. -- Support for Multi-Mime type emails. -- Customisable Message handling via DTML-Methods. -- CatalogAware + Folderish. Cheers -Andy

RE: [Zope] Packing with cron

2000-08-04 Thread Andy Dawkins
Have you ever used this from cron? Just so I know before I try it. No I haven't tried it from cron yet but I see any reasons why you couldn't, except to make sure all the libs are in a common/accessable place. eg. Python/lib -Andy ___ Zope maillist

RE: [Zope] Moving Objects that are Cataloged...

2000-08-04 Thread Andy Dawkins
Whilst in agreement with Chris I would like to throw another situation in here that CatalogAware doesn't cater for. If you change a folder name, somewhere higher in the tree, then all the cataloged objects references are incorrect. I think this is the same problem that Chris mentioned but a

RE: [Zope] Packing with cron

2000-08-03 Thread Andy Dawkins
I have a python script which uses XMLRPC to call an External Method that packs the database. Not ideal, but it does allow me to pack the database a) From Zope b) From the command line c) Whilst the server is running d) During very large imports which make ZCatalog Explode (I wish CatalogAware

RE: [Zope] Packing with cron

2000-08-03 Thread Andy Dawkins
Jason I'm not sure if it is worthy of putting up on Zope. Although I'm sure people will correct me if I am wrong. But I have no problems in letting you have it is the main python script. You will need to change the line that reads

RE: [Zope] how to make an Product executable

2000-07-18 Thread Andy Dawkins
I have a question .. I create a product and i would like to to use my product when I select it from the objects combo box. But It always puts me into the security screen !!! and not my index_html. I have several methods in that product .. To create a new object you must supply an addForm

RE: [Zope] HEELLPP - Please !!!

2000-07-10 Thread Andy Dawkins
Try using an argument other than 'login' Change it to something else because login could easily be a reserved keyword. To test this simply change it to xlogin or something similar. Let me know if that helps. -Andy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On


2000-07-03 Thread Andy Dawkins
does anybody know where REQUEST['INSTANCE_HOME'] disappeared to between Zope version 2.1.4 and version 2.1.6. Furthermore is it likely to reappear or has it been succeeded by some other key. Cheers, -Andy Dawkins ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL

[Zope-dev] Product Data Storage

2000-06-30 Thread Andy Dawkins
is this: What are peoples opinions on storing shared product data? Where should it be placed? Should this ability be added to Zope as a standard? Thanks in advance. -Andy Dawkins (New Information Paradigms Ltd) ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED

RE: [Zope-dev] Product Data Storage

2000-06-30 Thread Andy Dawkins
am looking for a method of doing this that the Zope community agrees as being efficient and recognises as being _the_ solution to the problem. I want to avoid a 'hack' solution if possible. -Andy Dawkins (New Information Paradigms Ltd) ___ Zope-Dev

RE: [Zope-dev] Product Data Storage

2000-06-30 Thread Andy Dawkins
Dan wrote: Shared data should go in zope/var, or a subdirectory of that. Zope/lib should be considered read-only by running products unless explicitly changed by the user. As you have correctly pointed out, lots of machines share Zope installations for multiple servers. A standard interface for

[Zope] xmlrpc problem

2000-06-09 Thread Andy Dawkins
r("") s.createDocument() Then it successfully creates the document. So how do I successfully pass arguments in to the DTML method so that it can populate the new document with the correct data? Cheers -Andy Dawkins (New Information Paradigms Ltd)