[Zope] The new stylesheet used in the management interface

2001-01-30 Thread Dominique . Dutoit
I'm wondering if there's a document describing the use of the elements from 'manage_page_style.css' for unifying the management interface. Maybe it will be a good thing to release two DTML methods/documents to simulate the 'manage_page_header' and 'manage_page_footer' for backward compatibility

[Zope] Zope on Mac OS X

2000-10-25 Thread Dominique . Dutoit
I'm trying to build Zope with the Apple developer tools but it didn't work. Python 2.0 seems easier to build and works well but Zope C source codes must be modified to get it build. The How-to note about Mac OS X server doesn't apply to the public beta. Does somebody have already tried to use