[Zope] LinuxWorld Expo Exhibits pass from Digital Creations and Zope.org

2001-01-04 Thread Gary Graham
email Melissa at [EMAIL PROTECTED] --Gary Gary Graham [EMAIL PROTECTED] Director, Sales Marketing Digital CreationsFredericksburg, Virginia "Dynamic Content in Internet Time" mobile: 540.840.3813office direct: 540.372.9971 fax : 54

[Zope] Is there an interest for Zope classes taught in Europe

2000-11-29 Thread Gary Graham
and may vary according to location costs. 4) most likely the classes would be taught in English 5) what other languages? 6) are there qualified multi-lingual Zope instructors? Comments, other ideas, suggestions or, any students interested, please reply to [EMAIL PROTECTED] --Gary Gary Graham

[Zope] New Zope classes announced for San Diego, California Denver, Coloradolorado

2000-08-04 Thread Gary Graham
Digital Creations has scheduled 2 new Zope Training dates and locations. The dates are September 25-28, 2000 for Zope 101 201 in San Diego, California and also October 2-5, 2000 for Zope 101 201 in Denver, Colorado. See http://www.digicool.com/Solutions/Training/ for details. --Gary Gary

[Zope] New Zope Training Dates Announced for San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado

2000-08-04 Thread Gary Graham
New Zope training dates were announced today for San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado. See the Zope training page at http://www.digicool.com/Solutions/Training/ for details. --Gary Gary Graham [EMAIL PROTECTED] Director, Sales Marketing Digital CreationsFredericksburg

[Zope] Q: Zope business discussion at O'Reilly conference

2000-07-11 Thread Gary Graham
this, please send me an email and I'll coordinate a get-together. Anyone else that is interested but _not_ going, please send me an email and let's get a dialog started. Thanks! --Gary Gary Graham Director, Sales/Marketing [EMAIL PROTECTED] Digital Creations mobile: 540.840.3813

[Zope] FW: URL:http://lwn.net/2000/0601/a/zope-perl-paul.html news itemsms

2000-06-01 Thread Gary Graham
Everitt Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 9:21 AM To: Gary Graham Subject: FW: URL:http://lwn.net/2000/0601/a/zope-perl-paul.html Same drill: 1) Send a note to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with a quick FYI. 2) Create a Link object on Zope.org. 3) Add to digicool.com home page. --Paul -Original Message