Re: [Zope] Zope vs. java solutions : looking forward ?

2001-01-12 Thread Henk Schets
quickly add pages and templates and leave the actual writing of the content stuff to artistic people (they have no experience in computing whatsoever). We are using a large database (MySql), but I understood Zope has no problem with this. Henk -Original Message- From: Henk Schets [mailto

[Zope] Zope vs. java solutions : looking forward ?

2001-01-11 Thread Henk Schets
Hi, We are planning a major update of our site (i.e. building a new one). At the moment our site is based on php,cgi, MySql and Apache on Linux. However, for the new site, we are considering other 'platforms' like Zope or Enhydra. I find Zope an elegant solution for our new site because we

[Zope] Advice for new zope installation

2000-08-28 Thread Henk Schets
Hi, After reading all the info about zope, I am very impressed with the possibilities it can deliver. However, before I migrate our existing site, I need to be certain about certain topics : - how easy and reliably can I manage my virtual hosts (about 8 sites right now) ? Very important.