Re: [Zope] how to stress test a zope site?

2000-07-11 Thread John Kinsella
For a quick and dirty load test I usually use httperf, which ya can search for on If anybody has something a little more comprehensive that runs on solaris/linux/*bsd, I'd love to hear 'bout it. There's a few programs out for Windows, check out for some

[Zope] permissions problem instantiating objects in 2.2b2?

2000-06-23 Thread John Kinsella
Hi guys, I have a simple piece of code which instantiates an object in Zope 2.1.16, but when I try to run the same code in 2.2b{1,2} I get a dialog box stating that "authorization failed" and asks again for my password. I'm not sure if the API changed in 2.2 or if something's broken in either my