[Zope] Export/import preserving bobobase_modification_time?

2005-05-12 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Is it possible to somehow export data from Zope instance and import into another one preserving somehow bobobase_modification_time info? ___ Zope maillist - Zope@zope.org http://mail.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross posts or HTML

Re: [Zope] Opensource DBMS for WIN?

2001-01-23 Thread Marcin Kasperski
PostgreSQL compiles on Win32, but only under RedHat's(formerly Cygnus') Cygwin Unix Compatibility Layer. http://www.postgresql.org http://people.freebsd.org/~kevlo/postgres/portNT.html MySQL, the newly GPL'd version, was declared stable yesterday. http://www.mysql.com SapDB is to be

Re: [Zope] zope, xemacs and efs

2001-01-18 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I'd LOVE to be able to use efs with Zope. Right now I end up cutting and pasting code in and out of browser windows -- which just feels kind of unwieldy... What about 'File Upload'? When I got to know about FTP access mode I liked it but it does not handle versions so it is unusable for

Re: [Zope] Downloading All Zope products

2001-01-11 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Jerome Alet wrote: Hi, I was bored by the current search interface for downloading Zope products: you have to spend hours just clicking to download lots of products. I want to put Zope and the maximum number of available products on a CDROM to be able to do demos and so on to people not

Re: [Zope] First Project

2001-01-03 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Koch Marc wrote: Thank you, ...for your tip with the PARENTS[0].objectValues('File') Please let me ask your advice on how to realize the following: I would like to build an application for handling development requests. These requests should be submitted by our end-users through our

Re: [Zope] ZCatalog raises index out of range exception error

2000-12-19 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I believe I saw this error when trying to use the Catalog in a SiteRoot-ed folder... Me too :-( And me too. The most irritating Zope bug for me. No solution, sorry ;) :-( Partial solution: at something like 2:00 AM delete your SiteRoot rule, reindex with ZCatalog and create

Re: [Zope] Is it Possible 2: Get resolution!

2000-12-08 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Oleg Broytmann wrote: On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Stoonsdesign wrote: Q: Is it posible to get the current users SCREEN-RESOLUTION (without using Javascript!)..? You can't, and you don't need. Even if you get the resolution, you'd have hard times generating HTML for that resolution: HTML is

Re: [Zope] Another Zope E-Commerce Site Online

2000-12-07 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Brad Clements wrote: Just announcing this new e-commerce zope based site. http://www.adirondackcraft.com Hmm. I get: Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Error Type: TransactionError Error Value: A serious error, which was probably a system error, occurred in

[Zope] Does 2.2.4 solve Proxy+ZCatalog bugs?

2000-11-28 Thread Marcin Kasperski
The question as in the title. In changes for 2.2.3 I found: - Resolved known condition in the Catalog where objects are not guaranteed to be unindexed before indexing happens again. Now objects are guaranteed to be unindexed correctly first. This should resolve all

Re: [Zope] bobobase_modification_time and .zexp

2000-10-17 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Wolfgang Strobl wrote: import/export obviously doesn't preserve time stamps (i.e. bobobase_modification_time). This is unfortunate for any content which depends on those timestamps. How do you people out there solve this problem when it comes to moving content from different Zope

Re: [Zope] Using ProxyPass and SiteRoot

2000-10-16 Thread Marcin Kasperski
"\"Geoffrey L. Wright\" knight writes: Timothy, Without going into too much detail, you are going to want to set up a virtual host in apache for the hostname www.isd197.k12.mn.us, and inside that virtual host you will want to add your ProxyPass lines similar to my example:

Re: [Zope] Easiest way to turn X-Forwarded-For to Remote-IP?

2000-10-12 Thread Marcin Kasperski
As I finally installed mod_proxy_add_forward, I get original address in X-Forwarded-For header (REQUEST['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']). The question is: can I do something easy to automatically perform if(remote_ip = and X-Forwarded-For exists) then set

[Zope] Easiest way to turn X-Forwarded-For to Remote-IP?

2000-10-11 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I use Zope via Apache proxy, what causes some trouble (all remote IPs for Zope are equal to As I finally installed mod_proxy_add_forward, I get original address in X-Forwarded-For header (REQUEST['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']). The question is: can I do something easy to automatically

Re: [Zope] Version Control in Zope / Managing releases

2000-09-27 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Nils Kassube wrote: The thread at the ZEO list is indeed very interesting. I wanted to write something like this: http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-zeo/2000-September/000131.html Nice to see someone else having the same thoughts. I strongly commit the thoughts described in the

Re: [Zope] Version Control in Zope / Managing releases

2000-09-27 Thread Marcin Kasperski
That's not to say that Greg's difficulties are unique. I just don't think his solution is appropriate for most. Synchronization is a major need for Zope. In fact, I have some working code! But *I need feedback*. http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Proposals/SynchronizationTab The

[Zope] How to preserve context?

2000-09-21 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Within some folder I tried the following standard_html_header: dtml-with "PARENTS[1]" dtml-var standard_html_header /dtml-with ..some standard text I wanted to put on the front of all the documents... (and similar method for

[Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] Size of Data.fs - and crypto.

2000-09-11 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Another thing. Have anyone tried to encrypt all data inside the Data.fs file? I mean, encrypted the data so that not even root can access it, only if you have the right passphrase (or whatever) in the management interface are you allowed access to the data. You got some suggestions to

[Zope] Migrating passwords from Apache to Zope?

2000-09-04 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Is it possible to smoothly migrate accounts and passwords from Apache to Zope? More details: I keep Apache accounts in some file of the format username:encoded_password where username is plaintext username and encoded_password is the password encoded in the normal Unix way (via crypt

Re: [Zope] rotate Z2.log

2000-08-28 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Marcus Mendes wrote: Hello, How can I rotate my Z2.log?? It's very large ! Using the same method as for rotating Apache logs. For instance, on my Debian Linux I created the file /etc/cron.daily/zope_daily (made via copying and editing equivalent file for Apache), which rotates

Re: [Zope] Corruption caused by 'Pack'?

2000-08-24 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Dieter Maurer wrote: Marcin Kasperski writes: pack corrupts Data.fs Has anyone notified similar problems? What could be going on? An officially announced and fully described bug... You know by now where you find the searchable archive? I tried it. I found numerous

[Zope] Corruption caused by 'Pack'?

2000-08-23 Thread Marcin Kasperski
After using succesfully zope for some time I decided to cut a bit the database size. So I went to Control Panel/Database and clicked "Pack" for objects older than 10 days. At first everything seemed to work (I returned to the management screen seeing new - smaller - Data.fs size), but when I

Re: [Zope] HOWTO (but to be improved) - linking to neighbours

2000-08-18 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Dieter Maurer wrote: Marcin Kasperski writes: * Problem The problem: while presenting some page, I would like to automagically add links to 'previous' and 'next' page in the same directory. Say you organize a bunch of HOWTOS and you would like to let the people navigate via

Re: [Zope] Python function within a ZClass...

2000-08-17 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Vincent wrote: Is it possible to access Python function within a ZClass ? If yes, how should I do that ? Two methods 1) create External Method (python code in separate file placed in Extensions directory + information which file should be called in Zope management interface) 2) create

Re: [Zope] Best way to subclass DTML Document and some other ZClassesquestions

2000-08-16 Thread Marcin Kasperski
"R. David Murray" wrote: On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Marcin Kasperski wrote: 1) How can I set standard DTML Document properties (title!) from my constructor? I created constructor form and constructor method, I succesfully prompt for and set all my properties but I do not know ho

[Zope] HOWTO (but to be improved) - linking to neighbours

2000-08-16 Thread Marcin Kasperski
[ Below I describe my solution to the problem which seems to me to be fairly frequent. Maybe someone is interested, maybe someone can show me better (faster, shorter) solution ] * Problem The problem: while presenting some page, I would like to automagically add links to 'previous' and 'next'

[Zope] Best way to subclass DTML Document and some other ZClasses questions

2000-08-14 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I decided to subclass DTML Document and (using ZClass) create my own document class (in fact I wanted all my documents to possess some standard properties and prompt for them on initialization and also to be CatalogAware). I succeeded (everything more-or-less works), but I still have some doubts:

[Zope] Create and start version?

2000-08-14 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Does there exist any simple method to add 'Create and Start Working In' button on 'Add Version' page? I still repeat simple mistake with adding version and forgetting to start working in it? -- Serwis nie tylko mieszkaniowy: http://www.mk.w.pl | | We want to know as early as possible whether or

Re: [Zope] SiteAccess-Apache: passing HOST header

2000-08-09 Thread Marcin Kasperski
"Dr. Dieter Maurer" wrote: Does anybody know how to convince Apache to pass the information from the HTTP HOST header down to ZServer. This would be very useful for SiteAccess Access Rules. I asked similar question about week ago. Someone advised me to use non-standard apache module

[Zope] FTP editing in version?

2000-08-09 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Is it in any way possible to edit via FTP within a version? FTP editing is very nice (I love XEmacs and EFS, I hate netscape editing control). But I do not see any way to edit file via FTP within version. Do I miss something? -- Serwis nie tylko mieszkaniowy: http://www.mk.w.pl | | Teams do

Re: [Zope] Using ZCatalog with SiteAccess in Zope 2.2

2000-08-08 Thread Marcin Kasperski
tav wrote: ZCatalog does not seem to like Site Access2 i applied the patch from http://www.zope.org/Members/4am//SiteAccess/patch and then updated Zope with all the patches from CVS and it still gives me: Error Type: IndexError Error Value: list index out of range

[Zope] Sth wrong with ZCatalog?

2000-08-07 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I have some strange problem with ZCatalog: after clicking 'Find items to catalog' I get Zope error: Error Type: IndexError Error Value: list index out of range Traceback (innermost last): File /opt/Zope-2.2.0-linux2-x86/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 222, in publish_module File

[Zope] Powered by Zope in different colors?

2000-08-04 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Has anyone considered preparing some collection of differently colorized and sized 'Powered by Zope' logos? Recently I wanted to put it on two different web pages I created and in both situations I needed to change it. And I am not completely satisfied with the results (you can see them on

Re: [Zope] request for advice

2000-08-03 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I started with popen2 and friends.. but that didn't seem to play well with Zope... probably mixing processes and threads is a bad idea... I dunno. Anyway I'm not sure of the best way to do this in Windows. Of course, ulitmately Shane Hathaway's idea of having a separate 'mini cvs servelet'

[Zope-dev] A few words about revision history

2000-08-01 Thread Marcin Kasperski
[ I am Zope user, not Zope developer, I send this article first to zope users list but people advised me to discuss it on zope-dev ] The zope Undo mechanics is nice for clearing simple mistakes, but the screens filled with 'manage_edit by ...' does not provide too much information. What I would

Re: [Zope] How can I proxy from apache to zope and keep source host info?

2000-07-31 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Phil Harris wrote: There is a patch to Apache that you could apply that passes the client IP along in a different HTTP header, if that helps. It's at http://modules.apache.org/search?id=124. Does anyone has this module compiled for apache 1.3 handy (I mean mod_add_proxy.so file)? I use

[Zope] Does 'favicon.ico' sound familiar to anyone?

2000-07-31 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Recently i started using Zope and so far I have Apache running on port 80 and shielding it (I employ ProxyPass and SiteAccess). Quickly after starting this configuration I notified a lot of File does not exist: [apache document root]/favicon.ico messages in Apache error log. Does it sounds

[Zope] Zope and large files strategies?

2000-07-31 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Are there any limitations for placing large (say 15 MB) files inside zope databases? What people running zope services and having to serve such a files usually do - place them in zope or serve them with apache (placing links inside zope web)? -- www.mk.maxi.pl | As a slow-witted human being I

Re: [Zope] Does 'favicon.ico' sound familiar to anyone?

2000-07-31 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Phil Harris wrote: favicon.ico is the name of the icon file that MS IE uses to customize favorite listings. Your site must be being added to a few peoples favorites lists. (...) Thank you very very much. I was doing desparate searches including zope and apache sources grep, mirroring my

Re: [Zope] How I can find my password ? if I losted it..

2000-07-29 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Jonathan Desp wrote: Hi, I'm searching in several mailing list, but I didnot get the answer, I don't remember my password, because I have several data.fs and now I'm trying to write all my password for each data.fs, do you know how to get the password somewhere ? In which file ? If I

Re: [Zope] Zope for secure transactions?

2000-07-29 Thread Marcin Kasperski
1. Can Zope support SSL or https? AFAIK without support of some other tool not. 2. Is there some way in Zope through which i can use secure transactions. I suspect that yes, although I have not done it. You should be able to use Apache-SSL as frontend to Zope (employing ProxyPass). There is

[Zope] Package for annotating pages?

2000-07-29 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Leading small website, I would like to give my users an ability to make some annotations on those pages I imagine sth like: somewhere on the page I have small form which client can fill to comment the page contents. Client opinion is kept somewhere - but not yet visible. Some time later, the

[Zope] Easiest way to possess 'creation_time' attribute?

2000-07-29 Thread Marcin Kasperski
What is the easiest way to force DTML Methods or documents in some directory to be automatically annotated with 'creation time' attribute? I got the problem while developing simple website news page (implemented so the news are taken from dedicated subfolder and sorted via

[Zope] Talking about revision history

2000-07-29 Thread Marcin Kasperski
The zope Undo mechanics is nice for clearing simple mistakes, but the screens filled with 'manage_edit by ...' does not provide too much information. What I would like is some high level website revision history. Below I discuss some ideas, please comment on them. Before details, main

[Zope] What is the best method to enter more attributes about DTL Document?

2000-07-29 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Short and probably obvious problem: what can I do to be asked for more properties while creating DTML Document (say I wanna be asked about description and keywords which I use in meta tags)? -- www.mk.maxi.pl | Even if we could state all of a system's Marcin.Kasperski |

[Zope] Strategies to backup Zope?

2000-07-27 Thread Marcin Kasperski
What should I do to backup Zope (read further...): 1) Can I just backup Data.fs file (and expect that in case of failure I can install zope as usual, copy backed up Data.fs over the installed version, run and be happy)? 2) What can I do in case I wish to backup only part of Zope database

Re: [Zope] Zope and Tuxedo?

2000-07-27 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Cary O'Brien wrote: Has anyone used Zope to act as a Tuxedo client? Is anyone interested in doing this? Mostly it means creating a python extension that acts as a Tuxedo client, and then integrating that into Zope as a ZClass or Product or something. Writing python extension should

[Zope] Downloadable Zope reference and products?

2000-07-27 Thread Marcin Kasperski
Is it possible to download in some way complete zope reference and zope products? In case anyone is interested why do I need it: I have fast internet link at work. I have time to study Zope at home. -- Marcin.Kasperski | Users typically do not know exactly what they want @softax.com.pl |

[Zope] Problem with ZCatalog output and SiteAccess (with workaround)

2000-07-26 Thread Marcin Kasperski
In short: ZCatalog getpath method returns sth. like '/public/the/path/to/found/object' It causes the problem when one uses SiteAccess to modify URL paths (let's say I use Apache mod_proxy to redirect http://my.host/zope to http://my.host:8080/public and set SiteAccess in public zope dir

[Zope] How can I proxy from apache to zope and keep source host info?

2000-07-26 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I configure 'apache as frontent do zope'. Most things work as expected but I found serious limitation: if I pass request from apache to zope via mod_proxy (or mod_rewrite [P]), zope sees all requests as coming from localhost (I specified http://localhost:8080/ as zope address, in case I specify

[Zope] Extra info: Can not import XML export

2000-07-24 Thread Marcin Kasperski
I made some experiments and found, that removing from the generated XML file all tags named klass, state and object (together with their contents) changes something - loading takes longer and is finished with different error: Error Type: AttributeError Error Value: 'string' object has no