[Zope] ZClass base classes

2000-09-07 Thread Nick Trout
I've looked all throught docs but I cant find anywhere an explanation of what properties the ZClass base classes give you. Also which order to inherit them, as the Developers Guide claims the order is important. Can anyone please enlighten me? Regards, Nick.

Re: [Zope] ZClass base classes

2000-09-07 Thread Nick Trout
(please don't post HTML mail to the list). sorry I *think* the "Include standard Zope persistent object base classes" check box gives your ZClass the "ZObject" interface which is similar to the SimpleItem interface (see the Zope API docs in the help system - I think it's under Help-Zope

[Zope] DTML horror

2000-09-05 Thread Nick Trout
DTML is pretty horrible. Does anyone have any solutions to allow DTML methodsto be generated using a more Pythonesque interface? It seems to me that DTML is a bit of a shoddy half way house between HTML and Python. Cheers, Nick.

[Zope] ZODB efficiency

2000-09-05 Thread Nick Trout
Is using ZODB efficient? Is it better to use ZODB than an external database? What are the benefits of using it? CHeers, Nick

Re: [Zope] DTML horror

2000-09-05 Thread Nick Trout
For someone who's posting HTML mail to a non-HTML list, you're a fine one to talk ;-) Oooer, *blush* sorry... ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related

[Zope] Newbie: ZClass questions

2000-09-01 Thread Nick Trout
Hi, I'm new to Zope. I'm just flailing around in all the docs and examples at the moment. I'm setting up a small intranet for our office. I've been reading about ZClasses (havent done any SQL). Are these a very efficient way of storing data? Are these more/less efficient than setting up a