[Zope] DTML difficulties

2001-01-30 Thread Nolan Darilek
I'm working on my first zope product and, while everything has gone relatively smoothly so far, I'm having some issues. The product is a folderish object which contains 3 subfolders, each of which contains a specific type of object. The structure looks something like this: work/: Main folder,

[Zope] Limited folderish objects

2001-01-22 Thread Nolan Darilek
The Folder class offers quite a bit of the functionality which I need for a current project. However, what I'm attempting to create isn't a traditional folder for DTML objects, methods, etc. Instead, I'm creating a folder which contains subfolders which are intended for specific objects. The

[Zope] Uploading files

2000-11-15 Thread Nolan Darilek
I'm trying to write a replacement form which allows users to upload images into a folder. I'm almost there, but not quite. I'm having difficulties getting the file contents into the database. I have an input type="file" field, and I'm fairly sure that the data is being sent. When I create the

[Zope] Folder-specific metatypes?

2000-10-25 Thread Nolan Darilek
I'm working on a product in Python which implements a folder, but restricts the metatypes of the objects which can be added. How, exactly, do I go about doing this? I've tried overriding the filtered_meta_types method, but I'm returning a list, and it seems that I should return a list of

[Zope] Z class complexities

2000-10-01 Thread Nolan Darilek
I'm having a kinda complex problem, and hopefully my explanation can do it justice. :) I'm using zope to construct an XML document from the contents of a folder. Basically, the folder's index.xml iterates through the folder's contents, rendering each object to produce the final document. The

[Zope] Site search

2000-05-24 Thread Nolan Darilek
I followed the helpful instructions in the Z Catalog tutorial concerning adding searching to my site, and it works, though not in the way that I'd like. I've added the raw field to the list of searched indices, and chosen to only index DTML documents. Yet, all of my searches seem to be case