Re: [Zope-DB] How to extract users info from ZODB?

2012-01-25 Thread Norman Khine
you will have to write a python script in the root of your zope instance something like detailed on this post: hope this helps On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 10:24 AM, smita kamdar

RE: [Zope] worldpilot --almost?!

2001-01-11 Thread Norman Khine
I think you have to change the file in your ~/lib/python/Products/WorldPilot/ folder it is a one line file containing DOMAIN='' I'll be intrested to know how you get on, as I am trying to configure it on my NT but without success. If you could write a

[Zope] HELP re: MailHost and Hotfix 2000_-12-08

2001-01-02 Thread Norman Khine
Hello, I am having difficulty in setting up the MailHost on the Zope Server. Every time I try I get an error: Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Debugging Notice Zope has encountered a problem publishing your object. Cannot locate object at:

[Zope] Building Zope within a Virtual Server

2000-11-28 Thread Norman Khine
Hello, The new zope site seems to be running very well. I have a virtual server account on which I had previously installed zope 2.2.2 which was later successfully upgraded to 2.2.4, unfortunantly I had problems in setting up MySQLdb. I have now removed zope and python 1.5.2, re-installed

[Zope] ZODB How To please HELP

2000-09-07 Thread Norman Khine
I am trying to follow the How to on ZODB How To, but I get stuck at the point of when testing the sqlInsertProduct When I submit the query I get the following error Error, exceptions.SyntaxError: unexpected token sequence.near :: '_weight)\012VALUES'*'\012widget,\012Histor'