Re: [Zope] Plone: storage, catologing and versioning

2005-07-23 Thread azazel
Rogério Atem de Carvalho wrote: Hi, I have a few questions about Plone (in some extent CMF/Zope): 1)How to manipulate versioning in Plone? (like CPS does) I know there is PLIP8, but it is still a proposal, isn't it? have a look at CMFEditions on . it is also

[Zope-dev] Re: AdaptableStorage

2003-01-15 Thread azazel
CVSFolder does. After looking at the code, it seems that AdaptableStorage could help on this. azazel ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists

Re: [Zope] mailhost example problem

2001-01-22 Thread aZaZel
Michael Angelo wrote: hi, i am experiencing a strange problem with using the mailhost example on here is the code: dtml-var standard_html_header dtml-sendmail mailhost="MailHost" To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Feedback from the

[Zope] ZCatalog uniqueValuesFor

2001-01-12 Thread aZaZel
Hi, I have developed a web site for a customer where he add some ZClass instances that are zcatalog-aware. Everytime he edits the instances i do a reindex_object after the commit of the changes. I'm using the uniqueValuesFor () method do get the values of a field index on some forms but i

[Zope] raw search on a ZClass

2001-01-10 Thread aZaZel
Hi! I have some ZClass istances that are catalog-aware. Someone knows how to do raw (full text) searches over all the property values of the istances? I have tried the "raw" index trick used for other object types but without success. Or maybe another way to do the thing . Thanks in advance