[Zope] com error

2000-07-24 Thread michael montagne
I'm using HTMLgen to add a small table to a page. It works the first time I try it and then I get this error: Error Type: com_error Error Value: (-2147221008, 'CoInitialize has not been called.', None, None) What can I do? -mjm winmail.dat

[Zope] HTMLgen

2000-07-19 Thread michael montagne
I'm trying to use the HTMLcalendar.py as an external function. The supported files are these: import string, time from HTMLcolors import * from HTMLgen import SimpleDocument, TableLite, TD, TR, Font, Name, H, Center, Href from types import IntType from calendar import day_name, month_name,

[Zope] Calendar data

2000-07-18 Thread michael montagne
I'm implimenting a cool little calendar object I found round these parts. It uses attributes of it's parent folder to contain the dates and descriptions of items that it displays. So a key may be "2000/07/04' and the value would be "Fourth of July". i'd like to have a pretty dynamic method of

[Zope] Hot fix and 2.20

2000-07-14 Thread michael montagne
Do I have this right? I do not have to install the hot fix if I just installed the recently released version 2.2.0 final. correct? -mjm winmail.dat

[Zope] Win98 service

2000-07-11 Thread michael montagne
Is it possible to have Zope run as a Win98 service? I'm going to be using win98 until I get up to speed and then use Linux. But for several months I don't want to be stuck with this DOS window that remains after I run the start.bat. -mjm winmail.dat

[Zope] Re:Web Site newbie

2000-07-06 Thread michael montagne
Tremendous reply!! Just what I needed. I'm curious about one thing tho. If you don't need a regular web server (for serving files outside of Zope), stick with the built-in ZServer. Does this mean that I have to have all my files in the zope folder? Wouldn't I want to do that anyway? Can you