Re: [Zope] PCGI application Question?

2000-06-19 Thread kwan
check the services, and the task/processes list in NT as to what is running. Do you have any old copies of Zope running, that could be in the way? You should (once more) check your Zope registry key. IIRC it's CURRENT_CONTROL_SET/Services/Zope under the Parameters item (don't have an NT

[Zope] PCGI application Question?

2000-06-15 Thread kwan
Hi: In the way of PCGI work. PCGI Wrapper sends request to PCGI Application throught INET port. This is what mention on ZAG document. However, it also has a note said that the PCGI Wrapper is capable of launching the PCGI application, if it is not currently running My problem is, how to found