[Zope] Is there a bug in Zope ? (was Re: [Zope] problem testing permissions)

2000-06-28 Thread Jerome Alet
On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Jerome Alet wrote: If I log in as a user I've created in one of the subfolders then my test seems to be wrong (see below). here's my code which should create an html link to the add form if the logged in user is a manager for the subfolder (e.g. jerome for Courses),

[Zope] problem testing permissions

2000-06-27 Thread Jerome Alet
Hi, I've created a folder in which there's a dtml method index_html which displays a calendar of events found in the ZCatalog. In this folder I've created several folders, one for each event type (e.g. courses, exams, etc...) each subfolder acquire the index_html method when it is displayed.