Re: [Zope] problem with 2.2.0b1

2000-06-19 Thread Harald Ragger
Brian, yeah, i'm using Mysql on win2k (ZMySQDA-1-1-4). Harald - Original Message - From: "Brian Lloyd" [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: "'Harald Ragger'" [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 8:58 PM Subject: RE: [Zope] problem with 2.2.0b1 I just tried the n

[Zope] problem with 2.2.0b1

2000-06-13 Thread Harald Ragger
I just tried the new 2.2.0b1, and most imported things from my 2.1.6 installation are running fine, including all sql-methods. But: when I choose one sql-method from the management interface or try to add a new one, i get the following error-message: "Warning: There are no SQL database