[Zope-dev] Excluding meta_types

2000-10-21 Thread Morten W. Petersen
When I'm building a class which inherits from the OFS.Folder.Folder, how do I exlude the meta_types it brings with it (if it's there they come from). In other words, if I have a class, with meta_type 'MessageFilterFolder', which should only be able to contain instances of meta_type

[Zope] I wonder how to access a zope siet

2000-10-21 Thread robert
Hi there, I started to work through the Zope tutorial as layed out in the Content Manager Guide. I came across a coupple of problems I am seeking help for: 1. Stan (the tutorial avatar) is told to create a ZAcme folder in his root folder. Where is Stans root folder? If it is just the folder

Re: [Zope] Acquisitive

2000-10-21 Thread Steve Spicklemire
Hi Jerry, I'm guessing the the problem is that dtml-xxx; does an implicit "html_quote" format on whatever expression you provide.. so table dtml-set_table_0; should produce: table border=quot;0quot; cellpadding=quot;0quot; cellspacing=quot;0quot; Which the browser doesn't grok

[Zope] Strings, Names and dtml-var

2000-10-21 Thread swallace
Ok, Being fairly new at Zope, I am really confused, I think I have looked through all the FAQs, How to's, examples, and what ever, but I still can not get the right combination to get this to work (many combinations tried :-)...). The basic intent is to easily change a property "color_source"

[Zope] Help needed with news articles

2000-10-21 Thread Taco Scargo
Unfortunately nobody responded, so I am reposting this question again. I just need a link to an example or explanation. Basically I want to create a page listing the last 4 articles from a Zope folder. The articles need a publish from/to field, title and (dtml) text. I somehow need to be able to

Re: [Zope] Help needed with news articles

2000-10-21 Thread Steve Spicklemire
Hi Taco, How about something like this: dtml-var standard_html_header dtml-let articleList="[]" dtml-in "objectValues(['DTML Document'])" sort=bobobase_modification_time dtml-call "articleList.append(_['sequence-item'])" /dtml-in dtml-in "articleList[-4:]" reverse dtml-var sequence-item

[Zope] Request for donation of site. Linux Router Project

2000-10-21 Thread Dave Cinege
I'm lead dev for the Linux Router Project. (LRP is a powerful thin-server OS that taks up less then 2MB of boot space) As you can see http://www.linuxrouter.org/ is not exactly what you would call an amazing site. I've played with zope a little bit and really like it, but I lack both the time