[Zope-dev] RE: RFC : ZPatterns Customer Relationship Management Framework

2000-11-11 Thread Roch'e Compaan
Thanks for your comments on our model Philip, it is really appreciated and very enlightening. From your comments some other questions came to mind (I posted this on the Wiki as well): It seems that we did not give enough consideration for the pattern, Roles Before Objects but we can retrofit

Re: [Zope-dev] Re: Discussion Story Building Mediums

2000-11-11 Thread Michael Bernstein
Chris Withers wrote: Michael Bernstein wrote: After some more thought, I realized that this really needs to be a three-way gateway betrween a mailing list, a 'blog, and a newsgroup. I'm all up for doing the mailing list/weblog type bits but I have no idea how news _works_ and how

Re: [Zope-dev] PythonMethods: Can't Slice context.REQUEST.PARENTS

2000-11-11 Thread The Doctor What
Okay, I figured that bit of braindeadness out (I just use a range that goes backwards, no .reverse() so everything is left as is. Now here is my next problem. Using context.REQUEST.PARENTS doesn't give me the DTML Document that called me (so to speak). I have: /test/new/foo_html My PARENTS

[Zope] XMLDcoument setAttribute error

2000-11-11 Thread Matt
I have an external method like the following def make_an_element(self,REQUEST): new_elem = self.createElement(REQUEST.new_elem_name) new_elem.setAttribute('hello','there') self.appendChild(new_elem) I call this on an XMLdocument root node and get the following error at the

RE: [Zope] calendar help (newbie)

2000-11-11 Thread Dieter Maurer
James Sintz writes: Yes and I have read it (several times). What I am stuck on now is only showing newsletters prior to or equal to today's date. When I remember right, the "calender" tag defines a variable that contains the date the current cell belongs to. The function "ZopeTime" gives you

Re: [Zope] images in directories

2000-11-11 Thread Danny William Adair
I have a similar situation where I find myself way down in the tree structure and have to go up to a certain point and down again. Leaving "bad structuring" aside (actually its well structured in many other respects), all I could think of to get a hold of these objects was a whole bunch of nested

Re: [Zope] bad expression evaluation

2000-11-11 Thread Dieter Maurer
seb bacon writes: I'm trying to compare two page titles, using this code: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('my_title',get_page_title)" dtml-in "PARENTS[1].objectValues(['Folder'])" dtml-my_title; : dtml-get_page_title dtml-if "my_title!=get_page_title" dtml-var title_or_id

Re: [Zope] Can Zope use a Different Python?

2000-11-11 Thread Petr van Blokland
We made a link in zope/lib to the real python, replacing the python folder there. That works. Gary Perez wrote: Hi. We've got Zope 2.2.2 installed on a Linux box. We want to be able to use the full-up python that's on the box instead of the python interpreter that comes with Zope for

Re: [Zope] why DTML confusing

2000-11-11 Thread Rik Hoekstra
- Original Message - From: Simon Michael [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2000 12:59 AM Subject: Re: [Zope] why DTML confusing Charlie Wilkinson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: ...or "the python world with some Zope limitations placed on it." ...

Re: [Zope] Can Zope use a Different Python?

2000-11-11 Thread Ender
Hi i'm not sure exactly whats being asked here. zope on linux doesn't include its own python interpreter. you can choose which one executes zope and its external methods by specifing the interpreter binary in the start.py. its quite possible that your installing third party modules into the

[Zope] Zope declining?

2000-11-11 Thread Hung Jung Lu
Hi, From the mailing list volume in the last 3 months, it is not hard to see that there is a steady decline. This compared to the trend of last two years (doubling volume every year), should probably raise a red flag. I know what many would say: there are now more experts than newbies as

Re: [Zope] Bulk Mailing How-To!

2000-11-11 Thread Ender
Wow, this is really cool. nice job. btw. if anyone's interested i wrote a patch to change the mailhost behavior to use a persistent connection to the mta. email me if interested (yes, i submitted a feature/wpatch to the collector). also its good to note that the mailhost doesn't currently

[Zope] Please Tell Me...

2000-11-11 Thread Ben Ocean
Hi; I'm new. I can see Zope will help me on larger projects, but what if I want to allow the owner of a small Web site (under 200 pages) that I develop the ability to edit text and photos? Is this the right application, or is Zope overkill? If so, any recommendations on a content manager? TIA,

Re: [Zope] Zope declining?

2000-11-11 Thread Andrew Kenneth Milton
+---[ Hung Jung Lu ]-- | Hi, [Snip] | I know what many would say: there are now more experts than newbies as | compared to before. There are not as many problems as before, etc. But that | is that really all? I don't think so. I think they're all coming to the IRC

Re: [Zope] Re: DateTime

2000-11-11 Thread Ender
Jerome Alet wrote: On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Chris Withers wrote: mxDateTime is _not_ the DateTime in Zope. If only it was It's voting season, so I vote +10 for this one. bye, I'll second that +10 kapil ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL

[Zope] LDAP variable problem 'title'

2000-11-11 Thread Michael Blewett
Hi Zopistas, Firstly, a big thank you to all thos epeople who helped me with KeyError problem when accessing LDAP entries. Just so the solution makes it onto the mailing list archive (for the next bunny who has the same problem) the solution was to add the following to each of your variables