Re: [Zope-dev] cut/paste catalogue aware zclass instances still broken in 2.20?

2000-07-23 Thread Terry Kerr
I had this problem with 2.1.6, but it seems to fix itself with 2.2.0. I think you must be having a different problem. The problem with 2.1.6 was to do with the copying of objects to the clipboard. You were not able to call absolute_url() on an object in the clipboard, and that cause problems

Re: [Zope-dev] cut/paste catalogue aware zclass instances still broken in 2.20?

2000-07-23 Thread Dr. Ross Lazarus
Thanks for the comment - it may be the nature of the zclass - some combination of base classes and nesting. The things I'm unable to paste are instances of a zclass (they're pointers to document objects) derived from catalogaware, defined within a zclass (objectmanager/catalogaware) defined

Re: [Zope-dev] ENHANCED PATCH: Expanded access file

2000-07-23 Thread Phillip J. Eby
I've further enhanced yesterday's patch with the following additions: * "Short-circuit evaluation" of local roles in User.getRolesInContext(). This speeds up security evaluation for complex DTML by stopping the local role search as soon as one of the desired roles is found. The change is fully


2000-07-23 Thread Steve Alexander
There's a problem with strftime() in Try this DTML method to see: dtml-var standard_html_header dtml-let time1="_.DateTime('2000/07/23 BST')" Time: dtml-var time1 br Time: dtml-var time1 fmt=Date br Time: dtml-var time1 fmt="DayOfWeek" br Bad Time: dtml-var time1

Re: [Zope-dev] -- ignore the patch

2000-07-23 Thread Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander wrote: This is particularly apparent in the current, because its strftime method just interprets the internal representation of the time as GMT, whatever. We can fix this easily: *** lib/python/DateTime/ Sun Jul 23 20:03:05 2000 ---

Re: [Zope-dev] -- ignore the patch

2000-07-23 Thread Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander wrote: No, no, no! Ignore the patch, it is a placebo :-/ I should read these things back more carefully... The bit about reimplementing time.strftime() in still holds though. In brief, though -- and hopefuly clearer this time: If you format DateTimes using

[Zope] Announce: WiFLZ Simple Widget Framework for Zope

2000-07-23 Thread Andrew Kenneth Milton
Greetings once again, This is the start of the Widget Framework for Zope. It's an attempt at building something for re-use slightly more cohesive than methods and documents, and slightly less cohesive than Products and ZClasses. README Excerpt:

Re: [Zope] re: Meta Type Registry

2000-07-23 Thread Steve Alexander
Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote: +[ Steve Alexander ]- | Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote: | | Is there a Product Builders meta-type registry somewhere? | | I can see things getting messed up in the near future as the number of | products

Re: [Zope] re: Meta Type Registry

2000-07-23 Thread Andrew Kenneth Milton
+[ Steve Alexander ]- | Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote: | | I'm not sure that Zope will actually let you successfully register two | classes or baseclasses with the same meta-type... | | The meta-type is further qualified by the name of the

Re: [Zope] An observation about manage_* methods

2000-07-23 Thread Dieter Maurer
albert boulanger writes: def manage_editData(self, data, REQUEST=None): """Change item data""" self._rows = map(self._FixRow, ImportExport.ImportData(data)) self._n_rows = len(self._rows) self._GenerateIndex() return

Re: [Zope] all DTML Methods of current folder and subfolder

2000-07-23 Thread Dieter Maurer
Jerome ALET writes: Please do you know how to pass a "complex" obj_expr parameter to the ZopeFind call ? I want to do the following loop in Zope 2.1.6: dtml-in "ZopeFind(this(), obj_metatypes=['Folder'], search_sub=1, obj_expr=XXX" where XXX is "not objectValues(['Folder'])"

[Zope] Another Digest Complaint

2000-07-23 Thread Dieter Maurer
Zope mailing list digests are a real pain! My latest bad experience: * on Jul 20, the digest contained a message from Felipe E Barousse Boue * I answered it on Jul 20 * today, the digest contained my answer and *AFTER* my answer Felipe's message *AGAIN*. I often realize that digests

[Zope] Announcement: Znolk 0.1.1

2000-07-23 Thread Philipp Auersperg
I've uploaded Znolk 0.1.1 to with minor bug fixes and added support for ZPoPy connections. Important hint: At the third screen of the wizard where you select the columns you MUST select at least one column as 'Primary key' because Znolk

[Zope] ANN : ZAnnu a multi-agencies searchable directory

2000-07-23 Thread Didier Georgieff
Hello, I've uploaded a first working version of ZAnnu. At the moment ZAnnu is an ugly thing ... and ... a multi-agencies searchable directory (people and organizations) based on MySQL. This is a first try to learn experiment Zope ZSQL while making a product i could use in a real project.

Re: [Zope] ZServer Statistics

2000-07-23 Thread J. Atwood
At 8:31 AM -0700 7/21/2000, Demos Economacos wrote: Is there way to determine how many (and which)pages ZServer serves? I am running ZServer as my primary server. What kind of statistics should I be looking for? Zope writes to a log file called "Z2.log" which in log terms is a "combined log

Re: [Zope] FAQ Wiki and What happend @ O'Reilly Conference

2000-07-23 Thread Gregory Haley
Fiona, Just looked at the site and think it looks like a good start. I have only recently started using zope, and I have been amazed at the steepness of the learning curve. Sometimes it feels like a solid and very vertical wall! There have been many times when a good faqts file

[Zope] new LocalFS version 0.9.5

2000-07-23 Thread Jonothan Farr
It's been a while since the last LocalFS release. I wanted to fix a couple of major issues for the next release but I'm a little stuck. I decided to post a minor bug fix release instead. This release fixes the following issues. - Fixed bobobase_modification_time. - Fixed cross-platform bug

[Zope] REQUEST a string object?

2000-07-23 Thread Rob Miller
Arrggh! I'm getting very frustrated trying to accomplish something that should be easy. I'm stepping through all of the files in a LocalFS directory, and I want to dynamically create a table that displays all of the sub-directories of the current directory. I want to inject a "/trtr" every so

[Zope] zcatalog and squishdot newbie question

2000-07-23 Thread Sean Kelley
I have created a catalog and added my squishdot site to it. However, when I go to look at the catalog contents there are no squishdot articles listed (the suishdot site object is listed though). When I run a search for a keyword that I know is in the squishdot object, I get no matches (but do

[Zope] anyone seen browsers map '_' to '+AF8-' ?

2000-07-23 Thread Anthony Baxter
We're seeing a really strange occasional error crop up in our web logs - periodic requests for an image with an _ in the name (e.g. hdr_left) get mutilated to hdr+AF8-left. Out of the last 400,000 requests, there's been about 110 of these errors. There appears to be nothing much in common in the

Re: [Zope] zcatalog and squishdot newbie question

2000-07-23 Thread George Donnelly
i'm a bit of a newbie myself so take my advice with a grain of salt, but... you shouldn't need to create a Catlog and then put your Squishdot site in it. The main squishdot site *is* a Catalog, or has Catalog-like qualities. (i think). if you want to be able to search the Squishdot site *and*