Re: [Zope-dev] PythonScripts

2001-01-01 Thread Dieter Maurer
Dieter Maurer writes: I looked at ZopeCVS's PythonScripts. I mostly like it -- with the following exceptions: * Namespace binding It does not yet work, apparently: Sorry! This was my fault: I had update my Zope CVS version but not yet recompiled the shared objects.

Re: [Zope-dev] ZPatterns example update....

2001-01-01 Thread Itai Tavor
Steve Spicklemire wrote: Hi Folks, The Dumb ZPatterns example is updated. Now there is some more realistic object referencing going on, borrowing of code snippets between Specialists and suchlike. There is also more in the way of reasonable documentation, though everything is in flux, and

[Zope-dev] What's 'section' in blocks[0] in block dtml tag?

2001-01-01 Thread LEE Kwan Soo
Hi. I'm playing/struggling to make a custom block dtml tag. Let me call it, dtml-quote tag. dtml-quote tag is similar to dtml-comment tag except it will emit html_quoted, not rendered version of what lies between dtml-quote ... /dtml-quote. (I feel it will be usefull when I show write some dtml

Re: [Zope-dev] ZPatterns example update....

2001-01-01 Thread Steve Spicklemire
Hi Itai, "Itai" == Itai Tavor [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Itai Steve Spicklemire wrote: Hi Folks, The Dumb ZPatterns example is updated. Now there is some more blah blah blah Itai Nice work, Steve. Thanks! Itai Removing id lists looks good. I started

Re: [Zope] Re: Z-Commerce components

2001-01-01 Thread Gerriet Mueller
Happy new Year, I tried the site too, but there was no problem. Congratulation, looks very nice. Gerriet. On Mon, 1 Jan 2001, Jason Cunliffe wrote: Hi Brad Delighted to hear that Wampum and Zope work well for you. I just took a quick look at your site - very nice. However it seems very

[Zope] cgi help

2001-01-01 Thread Carol Zick
Hi, I would like to do free web hosting. I have emailed someone who said that I should check out Zope, because it already does some of what I am interested in doing. I have on my computer a couple of CGIs that collectively do the functions of free web hosting, but lack any type of security

[Zope] terrible kludge to set password

2001-01-01 Thread Kyler B. Laird
I was unsuccessful at finding any examples of changing a user's password from DTML, but I did see a few requests for such functionality. I bumped around quite awhile today trying to figure out how to do it. I didn't come up with a good way, but I did find something that works. So, although

Re: [Zope] Zope eating CPU/RAM - how do I find the culprit?

2001-01-01 Thread Cees de Groot
Jon Prettyman [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: If you are using ZSQLMethods and your database returns column names in one case (UPPER) but you reference them with another (lower) it appears that instances of SQLAlias get leaked. Thanks for the info (and another reason to keep SQL names in lowercase ;-)).

[Zope] Something missing in Python Methods

2001-01-01 Thread Curtis Maloney
Greetings Yeh, yeh.. I know.. I should be using Python Scripts, or whatever... but for various reasons, I'm still using 2.1.6... What I want to know is, why can't Python Methods refer to anything not explicitly passed to them? I don't want to have to make everything that invokes the

[Zope] How to store a dictionary in propert sheet?

2001-01-01 Thread Dirksen
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