[Zope] PIL/Zope Problem

2000-10-27 Thread Marcello Lupo
Hi to all, i read all the documentation and made all things to let interact PIL and Zope and i cannot find the way to make it work. If i try to import PIL from pyton interpreter it works perfectly with: *** Python 1.5.2 (#1, Jul 17 1999, 22:10:16) [GCC egcs-2.91.66

[Zope] TEXT FILE Operation

2000-09-12 Thread Marcello Lupo
Hi to all, anyone know how to let Zope interact with text files on the system on it is running. Like making changes to files, search and replare some text or insert or delete text and save the file again? I'm pretty new and i don't know if it is possible for Zope. Thank You in advice. Marcello

Re: [Zope] TEXT FILE Operation

2000-09-12 Thread Marcello Lupo
Thank you, infact this is the problem, right now i'm not able to program in python but only on using zope. I used the FSSession product before and i think that should be a Similar product to make changes on files. thank you for the help. Marcello Rik Hoekstra wrote: anyone know how to let

Re: [Zope] Re: FSSession newbie problem

2000-06-12 Thread Marcello Lupo
to let the browser pass the cookie in a right way? I think we can work on the PATH but i don't know how. Thanks for help. Bye Hung Jung Lu wrote: From: Pavlos Christoforou [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Marcello Lupo wrote: 1) Is necessary to call FSSession in every document

[Zope] Re: FSSession newbie problem

2000-06-09 Thread Marcello Lupo
the FSSession. I checked the session file and it contains : --cut here (dp1 S'carrello' p2 (ds. cut here-- The problem is when i try to update the variable 'carrello' with something. I tryed the code you gave to me and it works so i think that the problem is that i initialize t

Re: [Zope] FSSession newbie problem

2000-06-08 Thread Marcello Lupo
Pavlos Christoforou wrote: Hi Marcello On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Marcello Lupo wrote: and macically i obtain the same error. this is the code i used: dtml-call FSSession dtml-unless "FSSession.has_key('cart')" dtml-call "FSSession.set('cart',{})" /dtml-

[Zope] FSSession newbie problem

2000-06-07 Thread Marcello Lupo
Hello, i'm trying to use the FSSession to have a little shopping cart for e-commerce. I can initialize the dictionary named "cart" and it is created in the datafile. When i try to update it with the data from my form i get the error: Zope Error Zope has encountered an error while