[Zope] ZODB performace/banchmarks

2005-06-23 Thread Tamas Hegedus
Hi, Two months ago I red about the ZODP that it has high performace, can store high amount of data, but there are no banchmarks e.g. for comparison for RDBMS. Are these true? If yes, why is not created a banchmark or something like that? Thanks, Tamas -- Tamas Hegedus | phone

Re: [Zope] ZPT tutorial

2005-06-21 Thread Tamas Hegedus
be better to deep into ztemplates? In this case what are the alternatives to build sql queries on an easy way? Thanks in advance, Tamas -- Tamas Hegedus | phone: (1) 919-966 0329 UNC - Biochem Biophys | fax: 5007A Thurston-Bowles Bldg | mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Chapel Hill, NC

[Zope] custom_persist_obj

2005-06-20 Thread Tamas Hegedus
Hi, I am new to Zope and not a programmer. It is a little bit complex for me. I am very frustrated, as I can not find the solution for a pretty simple task: I would like to have persistent object with dictionaries. I think I do not need a ZClass or Product, just a simple object for holding