Re: [Zope-dev] Added rename to ZOPE FTP server (another bug: jpg images are not autodetected)

2001-01-28 Thread Tom Vijlbrief
Joachim Werner wrote: Hi! I've found one problem with FTP and KDE: jpg-images are uploaded as files, not images. This works fine with wedav (tried cadaver) and plain command line FTP, but using KDE2 konqueror it doesn't work. Maybe because of the partial upload magic it does? Yes, I

[Zope-dev] Added rename to ZOPE FTP server

2001-01-20 Thread Tom Vijlbrief
771 == 200 Type set to ASCII. == PASV == 227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,14,192) == list testdir/adir/fileabc == 550 Could not list directory. -- Tom Vijlbrief [EMAIL PROTECTED] FT