Re: [Zope-dev] Added rename to ZOPE FTP server (another bug: jpg images are not autodetected)

2001-01-28 Thread Tom Vijlbrief

Joachim Werner wrote:
 I've found one problem with FTP and KDE: jpg-images are uploaded as
 files, not images. This works fine with wedav (tried cadaver) and plain
 command line FTP, but using KDE2 konqueror it doesn't work. Maybe
 because of the partial upload magic it does?

Yes, I checked the code (ZClasses/, PUT_factory)
and that's the reason. The Zope ftp server checks the extension
when a file is created with "put", but not when it is renamed
to a file with the .jpg (or other) extension.

A method manage_FTPrename should be added to this
file which does the same checks.

Fixing this bug and the problem with identical named files in
different directories in the object filesystem tree (described
in my original posting) should not be very hard
to fix for someone with knowledge of the object file system.

I don't have that knowledge so I'll leave it to others to
fix. I suggest posting both problems in the bug collector...


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[Zope-dev] Added rename to ZOPE FTP server

2001-01-20 Thread Tom Vijlbrief


I've added the rename capability to the Zope FTP-server,
so I could use the KDE FTP client (this is a known Zope bug).

I attached the 3 modified files (from the 2.2.5 src distro).

There is however another problem in the ZOPE ftpd which
is probably not related to my patches, but for which I have
not found the cause.

The SIZE command (used by the KDE ftp-client as a 
kind of file-exists probe)
reports the size of identical named objects
higher in the tree, to reproduce:

copy with the KDE FTP client a directory tree which has
fileabc in the top directory and a file "fileabc" in a subdirectory
to the Zope ftp server.

The SIZE command returns a size (for a
non existing object!) but the LIST command works o.k.
(reports an error: could not list directory) == mkd testdir == 257 MKD command successful. == mkd testdir/adir == 257 MKD command successful. == type I == 200 Type set to Binary. == SIZE testdir/fileabc == 550 Error getting file size. == type I == 200 Type set to Binary. == SIZE testdir/fileabc.part == 550 Error getting file size. == type I == 200 Type set to Binary. == PASV == 227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,14,190) == stor testdir/fileabc.part == 150 Opening Binary connection for
testdir/fileabc.part == 226 Transfer complete. == RNFR testdir/fileabc.part == 350 RNFR command successful. == RNTO testdir/fileabc == 250 RNTO command successful. == SITE CHMOD 644 testdir/fileabc == 500 'SITE': command not understood. == type I == 200 Type set to Binary. == SIZE testdir/adir/fileabc == 213 2 == cwd testdir/adir/fileabc == 550 No such directory. == type A == 200 Type set to ASCII. == PASV == 227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,14,192) == list testdir/adir/fileabc == 550 Could not list directory.     

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